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Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers Association / Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers' Association. Forty-fifth annual meeting, Wisconsin Rapids, Wis., December 2, 1931. Forty-fifth summer convention, Wisconsin Rapids, Wis., August 18, 1931

Smith, Clare S.
Minutes of the forty-fifth annual meeting,   p. 27 PDF (262.4 KB)

Page 27

Meeting called to order at 1:30 p. in., Wednesday, Dec. 2, 1931
at the Realty Hall, Wisconsin Rapids. President Scott addressed the
Minutes of the last meeting were read and approved. Financial re-
port was read. Auditors appointed were C. L. Lewis, Al Fowler and
Chas. Dempze.
Telegram from Chaney Bros. was read, also several business let-
Motion made and carried that the president and Bernard Brazeau
go to Madison to confer with the Commissioner of Insurance in re-
gard to the insurance rates on cranberry warehouses.
The secretary read two articles taken from the editorial page of the
Wareham Courier.
Moved and seconded that a vote of thanks be extended to the U. S.
Dept. of Agriculture for the splendid cranberry experimental work
being carried on in Wisconsin in past years.
Moved and seconded that a vote of thanks be extended to our
State Department of Agriculture for the excellent work done for the
cranberry industry in Wisconsin.
The principal speakers were E. L. Chambers, state entomologist,
Dr. B. H. Hibbard of the Agriculture Economics Department of the
University of Wisconsin, and Russell Makepeace, traveling adjuster
for the American Cranberry Exchange.
Guy Nash, Herman Gebhardt and Vere Johnson were appointed on
the nominating committee., Moved and seconded that the rules be
dispensed with and the present officers be re-elected for the ensuing
year. Carried.
A resolution of regret of the death of M. 0. Potter was drafted by
G. 0. Babcock, Joe Bissig and A. E. Bennett and read by Mr. Ben-
nett. Moved and carried that the resolution be inscribed in our min-
utes and a copy be sent to the family of the deceased.
The auditing committee reported the financial accounts correct.
Moved and seconded to accept their report.
The secretary gave a report of the state and county fair exhibits,
also expressing sincere appreciation of the valuable assistance re-
ceived and generous response of the growers to all requests made. A
rising vote of thanks was given to the secretary.
Business meeting adjourned.
At 6:30 ninety-one growers and friends of the -industry gathered
at the Witter Hotel for their annual banquet. Atty. Theo. Brazeau
acted as Toastmaster, responses being made by Dean Christensen of
the College of Agriculture, Dr. Hibbard, E. L. Chambers and R.
Makepeace. The remainder of the evening was spent in dancing.

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