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Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers Association / Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers' Association. Thirtieth annual meeting, Grand Rapids, Wisconsin, January 16th, 1917. Twenty-ninth summer meeting, M. O. Potter's marsh, Cranmoor, Wis., August 8th, 1916

Whittlesey, S. N.
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While fulsome eulogies may sometimes be unsavory to those who
know, there are rare souls of whom the highest enconiums seem feeble
and unworthy. From our own heart, and in behalf of the cranberry
growers of Wisconsin, we wish to offer this tribute of appreciation and
affection to the memory of Joseph W. Fitch, late secretary of the Wis-
consin State Cranberry Growers' Association. His life among us-so
useful and necessary to his community and kindred-was lost the
night of Feb. 18, 1917, by the accident of a fire which destroyed his
home and all his household. Three lives went out in consequence of
this fire-his invalid father, W. H. Fitch, former brilliant secretary
of the association, and Miss Pearl Sawin, his faithful housekeeper.
We make no attempt to enumerate and parade the virtues of Joseph
W. Fitch. Without a sigh or a grimace he carried burdens that would
crush the rest of us, and carried them too, that the rest of us might
have our burdens lightened.
ARPIN CRANBERRY CO., Grand Rapids, Wis.
1. W. BUDD, Pemberton, N. J.
W. B. CHAFLIN & CO., Hopkinson, Mass.
J. J. EMMERICH CRANBERRY CO.. Grand Rapids, Wis.
R. A. EVERSON, South Hanson, Mass.
W. H. FITCH, Cranmoor, Wis.
L. J. FOSDICK, 28 Virginia St., Boston, Mass.
GAYNOR CRANBERRY CO., Grand Rapids, Wis.
CHAS. H. PITMAN, Brown's Mills, N. J.
EMULUS SMALL, Harwichport, Mass.
C. R. TREAT, Valley Junction, Valley Junction. Successor to Metallic
S          Bell Cranberry Co.
JUDD M. WAIT, Embarrass, Wis.
S. H. WATERMAN, Cumberland, Wis.

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