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Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers Association / Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers' Association. Thirtieth annual meeting, Grand Rapids, Wisconsin, January 16th, 1917. Twenty-ninth summer meeting, M. O. Potter's marsh, Cranmoor, Wis., August 8th, 1916

Mitchell, B. R.
Report of pumping experiment at the Mitchell marsh,   p. 13 PDF (192.4 KB)

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The work began on the pumping station at Mather, Wis., on the 21st
day of March, 1916, and was continued for 25 days with Mr. Malde
of Cranmoor and Mitchell and Umbach of Mather as helpers. During
this time the first work was to build a scaffold to prepare for sink-
ing the tube. The casing was put down the first time in a week, the
other time was put in on a point by sinking a 6-inch casing 33 feet
from the 18-inch casing without any gravel around the point. Also
connecting up the piping to each point to be tested out which did not
seem to be very successful at this time. Mr. Malde has some record
of this work. The work was discontinued on the 6th day of May on
account of lack of funds.
The work was again started on the 16th day of August, putting the
tube down in other places, and testing out the two points which had
already been installed. This time it seemed to be more successful. On the
23rd of August it was very dry, no water in any of the ditches for 200
rods in any direction. The ditches were cracked open and the 4-inoh
pump was started and was continued for 8 hours without a stop except
once for repacking the pump which took about 20 minutes. We had
14 feet of water in the wells when we started pumping and would
test out the supply about every 30 minutes and found that the best we
could do was to lower it 2 feet at any time. The power was only a
2V2 horse power engine remember, which is very small for drawing
water about 20 feet. This small engine pumped a barrel and a half
of water every minute for the eight hours which would be about 624
barrels. I found that the pump packing caused the greatest difficutly
in the experiment, the suction seemed to be so great that the packing
would not hold and if you did not watch it closely it would lose
its prime which no doubt can be remedied in some way. During the
test I. made with this small engine I had the water running in my
marsh, which is about one-half mile away from the wells. The work
is not completed at this time as cranberrying came on and the work
was stopped. The expense to date at Mather end has been $238.20.

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