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Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers Association / Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers' Association. Thirtieth annual meeting, Grand Rapids, Wisconsin, January 16th, 1917. Twenty-ninth summer meeting, M. O. Potter's marsh, Cranmoor, Wis., August 8th, 1916

Fitch, J. W.
Minutes of the 29th annual meeting of the W. S. C. G. A.,   p. 17 PDF (231.1 KB)

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W. S. C. G. A.
The Twenty-ninth Summer meeting proved to be a very interesting
one. The crop on Mr. M. 0. Potter's vines, at which place the meeting
was held, looked very good though Mr. Potter said it was not as good
as last year. The crop on the experiment station was good and things
looked to be in good shape especially since Mr. Malde has had less
work done than usual. The meeting after dinner in the Potter ware-
house was given largely to the discussion of the future of the experi-
ment station. Most of the leading growers expressing themselves, and
all seemed to fell the necessity of continuing the work of the station
and while some seemed to think that the fact that large crops had not
been raised on the station, w as the result of mismanagement, most
of the growers seemed to feel that no one under the same conditions
would have done any better or as well as Mr. Madle. Owing to a rather
Inadequate water supply the vines on the station have been badly
winterkilled some seasons and the bad effects of this reaches over
more than one season, and during frosts Mr. Malde has at times re-
frained from using water when he thought it was needed by the Gay-
nor Co. But it remained for Mr. Cranefield to hit the nail on the head
when he showed clearly the difference between a station for research
and a demonstration station. this one being established for research
it was not to be expected to be a profitable one in a commercial sense.
Unless the consent of the Gaynor Cranberry Co. to renew the lease
can be obtained the station will be moved, and a number of growers
at Cranmoor and Mather have offered sites. Andrew Searls, F. J. Hoff-
man, J. W. Fitch, C. M. Seeker. and A. B. Roberts were appointed to
make the best arrangement possible.
Assistant Dean Morrison of the Agricultural College was present to
learn the growers' views as to the value of the station and many grow-
ers told how highly they valued Mr. Malde's services. Mr. Cranefield's
talk on the value of a cranberry exhibit at the State Fair as an ad-
vertising opportunity was very Convincing and the committee appointed
last January: C. M. Seeker, C. R. Treat, Geo. Arpin and J. W. Fitch
will have charge of it. The Sales Co. voted $250 towards the expense
of same. In addition to the regular exhibit of growing vines. festoons
and plates of berries, a demonstration of how to cook cranberries and
the serving of properly cooked berries will be in charge of Mrs. S. N.
* Whittlesey. It Is earnestly urged that all growers compete for the
prizes on cranberries which the fair management has so liberally
awarded for this branch of Horticulture. The date for the January
meeting was changed to the first Tuesday after the first Monday in
January. Funds were voted from this year's state aid to complete the
pumping experiment at Mather.

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