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Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers Association / Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers' Association. Eighteenth annual meeting, Grand Rapids, Wis., January 10, 1905

Gaynor, J. A.
Marketing cranberries,   pp. 7-8 PDF (391.2 KB)

Page 7

,iniuiuinmi  are nearly equal.      of a few strains would he better both
Tle formation  of frosts on   the economically and otherwise.
miiarsh areas has usually been sup-   Judge Gaynor thought at      least
posed to be due to  tile settling  of twelve kinds should be studied with
,-older air from  the   surrounding reference to specific  characteristics
higher land onto the marshez.       such as size, form. gloss, uniformity,
our observatiou of the past season keeping  quality,   productiveness,
together with the consideration of tile earliness, flavor and firmness, and
te'ent of the marsh land of   this some combining tliehe qualities, this
region indicates that this process is being done lot only for tile benefit
one of relatively small importance, and posterityo
that the formation of frost is very
largely dependent upon the tempera-   M  0. Potter spok of the expecta-
ture of the ground, and on tile condi- tion of growers to get a supply  of
tinu of the   atmosphere,  without vines from the nursery, and, while
discussing this in detail here, it mayas Prof. Saudsten  explained  the
bli said that the marsh itself, with state did not deem it wise or expedi.
reference to the drainage, whether or eut to  make any  recommendations
not it has been sanded, and to tle ,until after thorough trial and test
ilepthi and thickness of the vegetatitoin this matter would te kept in mind
..specially of moss, seems to be the an(l purpose.  The  difference  be-
all controlling factor in tile forma- tween plat and field work was refer-
tion of frost, or. of at least its effect red to as bringing out surprises,
.i the cranberries,                greater emphasis was now     placed
Experiment Station        on the latter work, as being more
Experimentrelabl Stataeie inoi                     pa
Prof. Sandsten in relation  to the reliable and practical, since. in pla
.xhii of frit, stated  a carefulwork a certain care could be given.
, Iiibit of fruit, stated that a carefll
not possible on a large scale, or that
record had been kept of the berries
would he of commercial value.
ntiCen a. uiifrerent intervals  botti
with reference to comparative  size
and keeping   qualities,  and  that
while a marked    gain in   growth
would be obtained by deferring the
picking until latter part of Septem-
ber, the keeping quality of the fruit
"as impaired if allowed to get over
rile. That thi condition of the skin
was a controlling factor and a happy
medium taking the season in account
should be followed.
He referred to the large number of
So called varieties not only of cran-
berries but other fruits, as being dii-
advantages and was of the opinion
that the patient and particular study
Marketing Cran berrles.
When our crops were small we all
had experience in selling our fruit in
small lots to the retail trade.  Later
when the crop became larger we con-
signed to commission men,   or sold
to jobbers, or   made   sales  thru
brokers.  Some of us have tried sell-
ing large crops in a retail way .thrn
the traveling men of the wholesale
grocery houses, but most of us, for
some years past, have sold in carload
lots to jobbers, and during the last

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