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Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers Association / Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers' Association. Fourteenth annual meeting, Grand Rapids, Wis., January 8th, 1901

By-laws,   pp. 20-[22] ff. PDF (731.9 KB)

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at the annual meeting in January the actual amount of
shipments, prices obtained, as far as possible, and to make
a weekly report to the secretary, after the August meeting,
until September 30.
ARTICLE 4. The duties of the statistician shall be to
correspond with, and to receive and collect the informa-
tion derived from the corresponding secretaries and other
sources in and out of the state, for the use of the associa-
tion, and to report the same at the August and January
meetings of each year.
ARTICLE 5. There shall be an annual meeting on the
second Tuesday of January of each year, for the election of
officers and the transaction of general business.
ARTICLE 6. There shall be held on the first Tuesday
after the 12th of August, annually, a convention to receive
reports from the statistician, and to adopt a scale of prices
for gathering the crop, so far as may seem practicable.
ARTICLE 7. The annual meetings, conventions and
special meetings shaU. be held at such place as may be
decided upon by the executive committee.
ARTICLE 8. Any person signing the constitution and
paying 50 cents, may be admitted as a member, and the
annual dues shall be 50 cents.
AuTICLE 9. This constitution may be amended at any
annual meeting or convention, by a vote of two-thirds of
the members present.
1. The president shall preside at all meetings, and in
his absence, the vice president.
2. It shall be the duty of each member to furnish to
the statistician or corresponding secretaries, annually, in-
formation as to his own and neighboring plantations; the
prospective crops, the actual amount when crop is secured,
and such other information as may be of interest.
8. Any company of growers may be represented by
one or more of its officers.
Order of Business.
1. Reading of minutes.
2. President's address.

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