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24th annual report of Wood County Agricultural Extension Sercive. 1944

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tributes toward victory. The following were selected:
               Clothing - Phyllis Pierce, Sherry Club
               Food and Nutrition - Beverly Bauer, Auburndale Club
               Food Preservation - Jean Dix, Richfield Club
               Poultry - Harlon Zubke, Arpin Club
               Garden - Delores Tenpas, Vesper Club
                        Jean Kiesling, MacArthur Club
               Dairy - Betty Cepress, Auburndale Club
               Crops - George Thomas, Sherry Club
               Pig - Ronald Breheim, Ebbs Club
               Sheep - Clyde Kiddoo, Nasonville Club
                                HEALTH REPORTS
     The health H is perhaps the most important H in the 4-H program. Better
eating habits and other health measures are stressed in the 4-H club health
report. Each club member was required to check a score card of their health
habits at the beginning of the year. During the year they were to improve
or two points in which they knew they were weak. At the end of the year each
member was to score themselves again, to see if they had improved. The com-
pleted health record was required of all achievement members.
                              SECOND MILE REPORTS
     "Whosoever shall compel thee to go one mile, go with him two."
The second
mile report consisted of all work performed in the home or on the farm which
contributed toward conservation and produo tion of food and materials, and
was work beyond the project which the member had contracted to complete.
of the work which was included in second mile reports was work in the garden,
food preservation, milk production, egg and poultry production, crop production,
livestock production, Red Cross work, home tasks, collection of salvage and
weed pod collection.
     One 18 year old urban youth said this in his report, "I worked
for a farmer
this summer who has a herd of 20 cows and 220 acres under cultivation. I
on the land with the tractor working up all the land for the crops and assisting
some in cultivating. I also helped collect some scrap iron, rags and paper."

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