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Wisconsin farmer and northwestern cultivator
Vol. 4 (1852)

Wisconsin and Iowa farmer, and northwestern cultivator. Vol. IV, no. 12,   pp. [265]-280 ff. PDF (6.2 MB)

Page [265]

NO. 12.
            Forthe Wisconsin and Iowa Fanmer.
'rocdings of the Teacher's Nomal Insti-
  tate for astern Wisensi n.
  The fourth session of this Institute corn-
nenced in the village of Genesee on the 25th
of October 1852, and continued for one week,
tnder the superintendence of Prof. L. I. Root,
Principal of Carroll College.
The opening address was delivered on Mon-
lay evening, by A. J. Craig Esq., which was
istened to by a large class of teachers assem-
)led on the occasion.
Each succeeding session of this Institute
demonstrates the utility and importance of such
associationr, qnd the number of Teachers in at-
tendance is a gratifying proof, that the benefit
tobe derived from them, is beginning to be
  On the last day of the session, the commit-
tee on resolutions reported the following, which
were unanimously adopted.
  Resolved, That it is desirable to encourage
professional enthusiasm among common school
teachers, and that for this purpose, we recom-
mend the formation of Teachers Associations
and the holding of occasional meetings to pro-
mote mutual acquaintance, and to discuss sub-
jects of practical interest
  Resolved, That the School-house is an in-
dex to the good taste and public spirit of any
community, and to the interest they take in
their children, and that they ought to see to it
that it does not become a standing libel upon
  Iesolved, That the practice of boarding the
teacher from house to house, is unjust; be.
cause it ofteni throws upon the more comfort
able families of the district, the burden thal
belongs to all ; unwe, because it wastes mucl
of the time which the teacher could spend i]
prepiring for his duties; deprives him of th4
quiet and comfort of a home, and drives from
the business, the men of education and experi-
ence, and should therefore be opposed by eve-
ry friend of the Common Schools.
  .Re8olved, That the thanks of this Institute
be tendered to A. J. Craig, Esq, for his able
and eloquent address, and to Prof Root, for
the earnestness and interest with which he
has discharged his duties as Principal, during
the present session.
  Resolved, That the proceedings of this In-
stitute be published in the Waukesha Demo-
crat, Milwaukee Free Democrat, and Wiscon-
sin Farmer, and that the other papers of
Eastern Wisconsin are requested to copy.
   It was also resolved, That the next session
of this Institute be held in the village oi
Waukesha, commencing on the second Mon.
day of April next, and continue for two weeks
and that the Executive Committee be instruc.
ted to give at least four weeks public notice a:
the same.
   The following persons were elected officer
 for the ensuing year:-
   President, C. W. Camp,
   Vice President, L. I. Root,
   -Secretary, Carroll Lucas,
   Treasurer, B. P. Balcom,
                  C. W. CAm', President.
    CARROLL LuCAS, Sec'y.
    PoaR.-The Terre Haute, Prairie City, Ia
 of Aug. 31st, says :-is We are informed b,
 a merchant of this city who is extensively en
 gaged in the pork packing business, that abou
 fifty thousand hogs have been engaged, up t
 the present time, by the pork packers of thi
 place. The prevailing price is five dollar pe
 ewt. At this price, an engagement for a Ic
 of hogs was made only last week The sam
 gentleman estimates that no leds than 80,00
 hogs will be packed here this winter. LI
 1 winter only sixty thousand were packed. Tb
iamount of capital necessary to carry an tt
  buaine28 in this city the coming wbAer, wi
1 not fall short of one million of dollars 1"

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