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Theobald, H. Rupert; Robbins, Patricia V. (ed.) / The state of Wisconsin 1983-1984 Blue Book

Theobald, H. Rupert; Robbins, Patricia V.
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                               TIil   1~t    0f t i o f lt4tofnsl,      
                                 LEGISLATIVE REFERENCE BUREAU
                                        STATE CAPITOL
   TELEPHONE     AREA 608             MADISON, WIS. 53702
      BILLDRAF ING 266-3551
   During the height of our work on the Blue Book - each winter-spring of
the odd-numbered
 year - we are frequently asked "When will the Blue Book be published?"
The questioner is
 frequently surprised when we say "next fall". Yes, the Blue Book
is a complex publication that
 takes many months of effort on the part of a considerable number of people.
In spite of the
 advanced techniques used in preparing and printing books nowadays, the process
is still a
 lengthy one. The work on one edition is scarcely finished when preparation
for the next edition
 begins. The earliest decisions are made on changes in the book as a whole
and on the topic of the
 feature article. We think you will enjoy Stanley Craven's history of Wisconsin's
former capitols
 in this edition.
   The remainder of the book is primarily the responsibility of the research
analysts of the Legis-
 lative Reference Bureau; namely, Clark Radatz, Dick Pazen, Gary Watchke,
Larry Barish, Peter
 Cannon and Richard Roe. Every section must be either updated or rewritten.
Changes in the
 laws must be taken into account. Department descriptions and tables are
revised with the assist-
 ance of the departments involved. Happily, because of computer technology,
changes - such as
 in the membership of boards and department officials - can now be made much
later in the
 process. The entire Legal Section of the bureau contributes the summary
of legislation, and
 Bruce Feustel, one of the senior legislative attorneys, prepares the summary
of Supreme Court
   After statistical tables and text are prepared by our research analysts,
typed into the computer
 by our word processors - Lynn Lemanski, Jill Scheffier and Maria Deegan
- and proofread by
 several staff members including our library staff, they must go to WISCOMP
in the Department
 of Administration for photocomposition. Lorraine Colotti and Karen Seeliger
 handle typesetting for the multitude of tables, while Roberta Seely handled
the main text. When
 text and tables are returned to us, our research analysts "dummy"
the book, that is, for every
 page of the book they display the copy the way it should look when printed.
Our dummied copy
 then goes to the Art Section of WISCOMP for the professional paste-up of
the camera-ready
 copy that will go - after final approval - to the printer.
   We wish especially to thank and to congratulate the Art Section of WISCOMP
this time for
the work it has done - Eric Madsen designed the cover, John Cronin sketched
the divider
pages, Mary Albrecht drew the legislative district maps, and Kelle Bates
drew the departmental
organization charts.
  During the whole dummying process, changes and corrections go back and
forth between our
research staff and WISCOMP. When final copy is approved and all possible
updates are made-
including those in the Addenda - the copy is ready for the printer. Meanwhile,
the very detailed
Index at the end of the book is prepared, a task that cannot be completed
until the entire book is
paged. Three months later, the book is published.
  Is the Blue Book worth the effort? Obviously, we think so. We believe it
to be a valuable
reference source on the state government of Wisconsin. We hope you do too.
                                                         Dr. H. Rupert Theobald,
                                                     Patricia V. Robbins,
Deputy Chief
                                                                BLUE BOOK

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