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Toepel, M. G.; Kuehn, Hazel L. (ed.) / The Wisconsin Blue Book, 1956

Toepel, M. G.; Kuehn, Hazel L.
Introduction,   pp. [xi]-xii PDF (451.5 KB)

Page [xi]

O those who never let the Blue Book get far out of sight we
     suggest an admonition which may allay some of the concern
about inaccuracies which may appear in this volume. Between
the time when the vast amount of detail presented in the Blue
Book is prepared in final form by the editors and the date on
which the volume is ready for distribution, activities of the state
do not remain static. Changes in personnel occur; later data
becomes available; activities authorized by the last legislature
begin to develop; and items decline or rise in importance. To
provide the latest and most accurate data, we revise the material
to the very latest possible date and each item is reviewed re-
peatedly. As far as possible the material in this volume is checked
by subject matter experts. Because of the mass of factual
material assembled in the 800 pages of this volume the chance of
error is great, but our interest in providing a clear and accurate
account is also great.
   Although a publication which purported to assemble some data
 on Wisconsin state government has been published annually or
 biennially since 1853, the name Blue Book was not given to it by
 law until 1878. There is nothing to indicate why the term Blue
 Book was chosen at that time, but the term was well known
 having been used in England for many years to denote publica-
 tions of the administrative agencies for the use of Parliament.
 The Wisconsin Blue Book, of course, is not and never has been
 such a document. In fact, its contents have varied from time to
 time as editorial policy and legislative directions have changed.
 In recent years it has followed a fairly stable pattern, but it is
 hoped that gradually its format can be improved without diluting
 its contents.
    The editors acknowledge the wholehearted assistance of the
  many state agencies in assembling the materials contained in the

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