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Wright's Fond du Lac Directory: including North Fond du Lac for 1915-1916 ...

[Wright's Fond du Lac directory 1915: Y],   pp. 341-342

Page 341

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        #o-16 F- ' 
-'t tWIR          FONfD Du LAC] 341 DiEDIcmo~       YAP co 
  * Z WRIGHT DIRECTORY CO. Publishers of Fond du Lac City M 
       Directory, 707 Montgomery Bldg., Milwaukee, Wis.      " 
Z  Wright Edgar A. (Wright Bros. Paper Box Co.) h i8o Doty. 
,   Wright Frank A. osteopath, 94 S. Main, h 363 Linden. 
  ,= Wright Hardy S. house mover, 272 E. ioth, h same. 
  0 'V right Jennie Mrs. dressmaker, 104 3d, h same.           m 
%ft Wright Mabel Miss, h 131 Lewis. 
  SWright Marie W. Mrs. h I59Y2 4th. 
  , Wright Sara H. Miss, h 159Y2 4th. 
   Wright Silas, horse dealer, 594 Military, h same. 
    Wunderle Michael, h 338 Bannister.                         C 
 Wurtzel August, h 420 Military. 
 Wurtzel Otto, mach. hd. h 383 Liberty. 
    Wust Albert, trucker C. & N. W. h 417 Ellis.         co 
    Wust Alpha, clk. 87 S. Main, h 417 Ellis.            rn 
    Wust Clara M. clk. h 88 E. I3th.                     II 
    Wust Ferdinand, lab. h 88 E. 13th. 
    Wust Harold, appr. 14 N. Main, h 417 Ellis. 
    Bonds and Real Estate Mortgages at The 
 w Wust Walter, cigar mkr. h 417 Ellis. 
    Wust William, com. tray. h 16 N. Waupun. 
O  Wyatt George M. cashier, h 149 E. Division. 
    Wyatt Harold, student, h I49 E. Division.                   O 
<r.. Wyatt Mary E. (wid. Daniel B.) h 82 E. Division.             . 
=* Wyatt Ralph, student, h i49 E. Division.             -I 
P   WYATT SIMEON D. real estate, loans and insurance, 63 S. 
        Main, h 149 E. Division.                           - 
   eWynen William, blksmith Soo Ry. h 341 Doty. 
   Wysocki Martha, waitress, h 3, 393 Grant. 
   Wysocki Martin, clk. h 3, 393 Grant. 
~~Y "ABROFF Henry, dry goods, 50-52 N. Main, h io S. Marr.        0
         Yabroff Rose S. student, h I0 S. Marr.               . 
, Yancy Nancy (wid. Christian) h 136 W. Arndt.            CX 
$  G) Yanke August, meat ctr. h 360 Sherman.             z 
  I Yapp Lindlay G. com. trav, h 245 Gillett.                   M 
  ' Yapp George H. h 245 Gillett. 
$ Yapp Herbert J. mngr. Yapp Oil Co. h 50 S. Park av.           c" 
    [UE[N8tI [IQUOR 00 

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