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Wright's Fond du Lac Directory: including North Fond du Lac for 1915-1916 ...

[Wright's Fond du Lac directory 1915: S],   pp. 278-312

Page 278

    -        IT PAYS TO TRADE AT                          - 
THE BUSY CORNER                         THE DAYLIGHT STORE4 
  ~RUS            FOND ru LAC] 278 [DiReaI y ~~      SAC 
  T Russell James Jr. driver Hose Co. No. 3, h 201 N. Main. 
DZ Russell Leo, del. elk. 271 N. Main, h 201 N. Main. 
;Z  Russell Mary E. elk. h 63 W. Johnson. 
  Q Russell Max W. h 41 4th. 
A Russell Raymond W. barber, 20 S. Main, h 6o S. Marr. 
i   Russell Rose (wid. James) h 63 W. Johnson. 
    Russell Stella Mrs. h 55 4th. 
    Russell Wilson E. auto livery, 39 N. Portland, h same. 
    Rutz Herman, lab. .h 429 S. Marr. 
 CoRutz 'William E. Mach. hd. h 429 S. Marr. 
    Ryan BIanche, phone opr. h 236 S. Main. 
    Ryan Edith, instr. Grafton Hall, h same. 
  C9 Ryan Frank, driver, 67 W. ist, h same. 
    Ryan Frank M. Mach. hd. h 123 8th. 
  C4 Ryan Peter, farmer, h Edgerton rd. i s Stanchfield rd.     um 
  Ryan Thomas, carp. h 333 Bannister. 
    RYAN WILLIAM J. insurance, 7, 93 S. Main, h 278 N. Park 
    Ryder Anna C. (wid. Carl) instr. High school, h 139 Gillett. 
      . Sr                  UM MEROW & MENGE 
  89 SOUTH MAIN STREET                   FORD DU LAC. WIS. (1) 
,= Rydef Carrie (wid. Gustavus A.) h 171 W. Scott. 
C' Ryder Catherine (wid. Thomas) h 86 S. Park av.      R CD 
   Ryder James J. mngr. 67 S. Main, h 209 E. Ist.            N 
Ryder Julia, County Supt. of Schools, Court House, h 86 S. Park av.Z n 
4 Ryder Nellie, dressmkr. 86 S. Park av. h same.        P w 
                            S                          Z 1" 
     AAK Bertha A. prin. Cleveland school, h 289 Forest av.  X0 
  SaDel E t, l, laD. n 7° r-l. ý_,oLUon.                010- 
*,Sabel Frank, plasterer, h 432 Amory. 
.J. Sabel Joseph, car rep. h 432 Amory. 
:kSabel Mathias, lab. h 76 E. Cotton. 
  W.Sabel Peter, h 350 Amory. 
  <Sabel William, wagonmkr. 42 W. Johnson, h 350 Amory. 
z   Sackett Clarence A. carp. contr. 167 Rose, h same., 
  ..Sackett Clarence A. Jr. electr. 1o W. 2d, h 167 Rose. 
  Z Sackett H. F. & Son (Henry F. and Ray M. Sackett) whol. * 
  0    cheese, W. Division, s w cor. Macy. 
The Huber Bros. MinS. Fn 
36 S. Main St.. Fend du UqI 

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