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Wright's Fond du Lac Directory: including North Fond du Lac for 1915-1916 ...

[Wright's Fond du Lac directory 1915: R],   pp. 263-278

Page 263

    FINE SHOES                 Main and First Streets 
    oPUR           FPOD DU LAO 263 [DlmmToiy          RAD = 
    * -Purrier William R (Purrier & Suprenand) h 63 N. Union. 
    O WPurrier & Suprenand (William R. Purrier, Clarence J. Supre- C
    0   nand) barbers, 172 Forest av. 
    - Dutz Charles H. foreman Soo Shops, h 372 N. Main. 
o                             Q                              m 
g   Q  UAST Helen, waitress, 58 4th, h same. 
    C    Quamas Peter, lab. h 171 W. Cotton. 
1_  QUENTIN PETER N. gasoline engines, machine and repair 
E       shop, 13-15 W. 2d, h 91 E. Merrill. 
    Quick Alonzo F. watchmkr. 78 S. Main, h 269 3d. 
Q* Guick Jenette (wid. Alonzo) h 219 Western av. 
    Quick John H. cheese mkr. h 36 Olcott. 
J   Quick Lillian B. Miss, h 36 Olcott. 
LM Onick William W. (Quick & Brayton) h 269 3d. 
..C QUICK & BRAYTON       (William W. Quick, John Brayton)  
   1i   farm implements, 21-23 E. 2d. 
ý2 Quinlan Jeanette (wid. Morris) h 4o6 Center. 
2C Open an account with the WatCh              irow 
.. COLE SAVINGS BANK                         it Go UIUW 
SQuinn Clara, cook, h i2) Forest av.                            , 
    Quinn James D. elk. h Y. M. C. A. 
    Quinn John E. sales, 184 W. 2d, h 269 Morris.               , 
,   Quinn Joseph, tanner, h 221 S. Main. 
    Otiinn Mary A. Miss, h 2IiW. Arndt. 
Ouinn Michael C. h 21 W. Arndt. 
D Quinn William E. express, h 496 Grove. 
*_, RAAB Carl, mach. h i86 Bannister. 
C#5 RU~Raab Peter, carp. h 186 Bannister. 
2   Race Lewis F. engnr. C. M. & St. P. h 43o Grove. 
C   Raczinsky Helen, clk. 116 W. 2d. h 156 W. Follett. 
    Radke Henry J. cigar mkr. h 89 E. Ijt- 
    * Radl Anton, janitor Lincoln school, h 46 Gould. 
LLJ Radloff Gustave, cooper, 525 Main, h 41 E. I3th. 
    Radtke Bertha Miss, h 483 Temperance. 
Radtke Charles E. plumber, 61 N. Main, h 483 Term~wance. 
    MOORE & GALLOWAY LUMBER CO., Fond du Lac, Wis.* 
    MILLWORK OF EVERY           TeL. No4. 4. Mgt Yard; TeL. 472, Retail Yard
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