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Wright's Fond du Lac Directory: including North Fond du Lac for 1915-1916 ...

[Wright's Fond du Lac directory 1915: J],   pp. 171-177

Page 171

     INSURANCE w.AR, STBLI                 COLLECTIONS 
            47 S. Main Street, Fond du Lac, Wis. 
fING               FOND DU LAO] 171 [Di1-cToay          JA1 
  W Ingalls Zora B. (wid. Elmer B.) h I56 3d. 
W    Ingraham Robert S. Rev. M. E. Church. Fond du Lac District' 
Z       supt. h I56 4th. 
0    Ingram Frank R. foreman, h 374 S. Main. 
3 ta Ingram Nancy (wid. Ebenezer) h 386 Linden. 
0 INTERNATIONAL BUFFET, Ed. Stamm, prop. 155 N. Main.., 
  Irish Ethel M. Miss,fi 368 Forest av. 
    Irish Fern, teacher, -h 368 Forest av. 
    Irish William N. driver, 66 S. Macy, h 368 Forest av. 
    Isaac Albert E. h 78 5th. 
    Isaac Anna Miss, h 78 5th. 
    Isaac Engelbert H. musician, h 78 5th. 
   Isaac Marie, student, h 78 5th. 
    Isenhart Lloyd M. switchman, h 261 8th. 
    Ives Albert C. v-pres. The F. B. Ives Co. h Oshkosh. 
    Ives Ansel B. pres. The F. B. Ives Co. h Oshkosh. 
    Ives F. B. Co. The, A. B. Ives, pres.; A. C. Ives, v-pres.; G. B. 
    Iv  Ives, 2d v-pres-mngr. F. C. Kuebler, sec-treas. 184-186 W. 2d. C
    Ives George B. 2d v-pres-mngr. The F. B. Ives Co. h Oshkosh, Wis, 
                   THE DAILY REPORTER 
                         PHONE 631                               0 
     TABER John, lab. h I8 Gould. 
         Jaber Joseph, lab. h 17 S. Waupun. 
 Ik Jaber Louis, tanner, h i8 Gould. 
 -mt. Jaber Michael, lab. h 17 S. Waupun. 
t   Jaber Solomon, tanner, h 23 S. Waupun. 
    Jackey Henrietta, domestic, 54 Oak av. 
    NJackson Everett P. switchman Soo Ry. h 24 N. Sophia. 
    JJackson Fern A. instr. High school, h 24 N. Sophia. 
    g Jackson Hattie Miss, h 290 Superior. 
    .; Jackson Mabel W. Mrs. h 42 N. Park av. 
    *-Jackson R. Faye, music tchr. 24 N. Sophia, h same. 
 Io Jackson Ruby, student, h 47 S. Park av. 
 I  Jackson William, h 290 Superior. 
 Jacobi Christopher, h 40 Western av. 
    Jacobi Phillip, foreman, 15 N. Main, h 247 E. Merrill. 
    Jacobs Elno, electr. h 215 W. Arndt. 
             MORSELL. KEENEY & FRENCH Seu" 
    Secured           PaeLnt  ion-A. L Mm         Secure 

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