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Wright's Fond du Lac Directory: including North Fond du Lac for 1915-1916 ...

[Wright's Fond du Lac directory 1915: H],   pp. 147-170

Page 147

                   fl~rrflrReal Estate, Con'e!J- 
                                ancing, Abstracting 
         |                     4T S Main St. Fond du Lac, WIa. 
     GYN           FO"N DU LAC] 147 [DIREcTOY      -AE 
   W Gyngell Harry, foreman, h 117 W. Division.                   . 
 Wt Gyngell Margaret Miss, h I 17 W. Division. 
        X 0                      H 
 0,.    AAS Jacob (Haas & Korrer) h 302 E. 9th. 
     " li  Haas Louis F. h 85 3d. 
  Haas Nicholas, 'h 302 E. 9th. 
  ___ Haas Richard (Haas & Wagner) h 68 E. Division. 
  HAAS &. KORRER, (Jacob Haas, Grover F. Korrer) insur-             e
        ance, Fond du Lac Nat. Bank bldg. 55-57 S. Main. 
  HAAS & WAGNER, (Richard Haas, Fred Wagner) dry goods,4 
        carpets, linoleums, etc. 22 Forest av. 
    Haas see also Hass. ,c2    r  a3 
    Haase Christian, h 40 E. McWilliams.              5ý M 
    Haase Jennie (wid. John) h 422 Sherman.                    0 
    HABER MORTGAGE CO. P. B. Haber, pres. 18 Forest av. 20 
    Haber P. B. pres. P. B. Haber Printing Co. h i i i E. 2d.     Z 
                   A NEWSY NEWSPAPER                           C 
       Reporter Want Ad, Pv-                 Phone 631 
     HABER P. B. PRINTING CO. P. B. Haber, pres.; A. L .Waf- 
        fle, sec.; B. C. Hastings, treas.; 18 Forest av. 
iT   Haberkorn Albert E. (Excel Candy Co.) h 51 15th. 
%    Haberkorn Charles W. tailor, h 376 Grant. 
     Haberkorn Edward A. tel. opr. C. & N. W. Ry. h 144 Cherry. 
 t Haberkorn Frank W. tailor, h 137 E   t.Q 
 -'m HABERKORN LOUIS, merchant tailor, 20 S. Main, phone 
 1137, h 114 E. Ist, phone       20      S   a   peor 
     Habhet Ida, domestic, h 134 E. Division.                      M 
   i Habib George, tanner, h 114 N. Waupun.                     & 
   Hackett Thomas, mach. C. & N. W. Ry. h i86 Hoyt. 
   o Haecke Elizabeth (wid. Rudolph) h 240 E. ist.              ° 
   Haecke Emma Miss, h 240 E. ist. 
   W_ Haecke Margaret, dressmaker, 240 E. ist, h same.           Q Z 
   Haecke William, lab. h 152 Packer.                   -AM 
 *  Haedrich Edward, carp. h 286 E. ioth.               -4 
    Haedrich Elfrieda, seamstress, 39 S. Main, h 118 7th.         [11 
*   ~ Haedrich Emma, stitcher, h i18 7th. 
-   Haedrich Margaret (wid. Louis) h 1i8 7th. 
                 Protect Your Inventions by Patou6 
    MORSELL, KEENEY &        FRENCH souiciFat-*t- 
    Patent Littdomn-A. L Morsel, 814 Majestie mat. Mflwaui. Wis. 

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