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Centennial 1876 directory of Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin, containing full directories of Fond du Lac, Ripon, Waupun, Brandon, Oakfield, New Cassel, Calvary, St. Cloud, Dundee, Calumet, Rosendale and other centers of trade and all the farming portion of Fond du Lac County; each in a department by itself, arranged in alphabetical order, and contained in one closely printed volume

[City of Ripon directory: L],   pp. 161-163

Page 161

acher, res. eor. 
Metomen, bet 
*res. Green- 
s Watson, bet. 
s. cor. Meto- 
s. w s Watson, 
s. with W. B. 
bds. with pa- 
* with William 
res. n s Scott, 
cor. Prospect 
keeper for B. 
es. e s Watson, 
r. res. Wood. 
. w s M & St. 
road, res. w s 
cor. Washing- 
s. s s. of Blos- 
*res. s s Con- 
febster ,Block- 
M. & St. Paul 
herd between 
shington, at R 
ond du Lac-G. 
ff.F. du L.-G. 
ss of W. F. du 
es. n s of Lib- 
res. w s Lo- 
ith, *res. e s of 
Lampson, F. M., (m5-+l,1) pumpmnf'r,*res. Tag- 
   gart and Lane-A. 
 Lane, R. B., (9) attorney, res. Picket's Station-A. 
 Laning, Azriach, (m4,1) planing mill, res. w s of 
    Watson, bet Seward and Thorn-A. 
 Laning, Mrs. J. W., sewing machine agent, res. 
    with A. Laning-A. 
 Larrabee, Miss H. J., with R. T. Graves-A. 
 LaRue, Isaac, (m2) retired, bds. Woods Hotel. 
 Laskows, Ed., (m5) farmer, res. s end of Wood. 
 Lathrop, Leman, (m3+l,1) farmer,.*res. cor. Un- 
    ion and State-A. 
 Latimer, C. S., (m2) carriage trimmer, *res. s s of 
    Scott, bet Blackburn and Houston-A. 
 Lawrence, Geo., (m7) *res. n s W. F. du L.-E. 
 Leach, H., (m2) farmer, res. Berlin road-A. 
 Lehel, Win., (m5) blacksmith, res. n s of Ceresco 
 Leonard, Mrs. G., (wl) res. n s Thorn-A. 
 Leonard, Thos., (s) hostler Woods Hotel-L 
 Letts, J. S., (m4,1) clergyman, res. cor. Union & 
Lewis, M., (wr) lab. bds. Commercial Hotel-A. 
Light Geo. H., (mO,3) farmer, res. cor. Watson & 
 Lightburn,1C. L., (m3) gas works, res. cor. Black- 
    burn and Blossom-A. 
Limbert, Mat, (m4+1) mason, res. Berlin rd-E. 
Lindermann, I. M., (m5,1) implement dealer, res. 
    s Ceresco Park. 
 Lindsley, A. B.4M.,(m3) farmer, res. Metomen-A. 
 Lindsley, K., (m3) farmer, res. s s Church-A. 
 Little, J. M., (m5) farmer, res. Oshkosh r'd-A. 
&Lobb, Henry, (m2) farmer, bds, Jas. Lobb-E. 
Lobb,:Jas., (m4) carpenter, res. State, bet Union 
    and West-E. 
Lockwood, Mrs. E. N., artist, wife of W. M. 
 Lockwood, W. M., (m2) artist, *res. cor. Park & 
 Loomar, Samuel, (m4) agent, res. n s Scott, near 
 Loomis, Mrs. A. A., dress maker, res. E. M. 
 Loomis, E. M., (m4) painter, *res. Pacific, bet 
    Jackson and Cass-A. 
 Love, Miss M., (s) tailoress, with J. E. Brown-I. 
 Luce, I. M., (m4) miller, res. cor. Liberty and 
 Luck, Albert, (m7) cabinet maker, res. cor. of 
    State and Union-G. 
 Luck, Aug., (m3) lab. res. n s W. F. du Lac-G. 
 Luck, J. J., (m4) glove maker, res. n s W. F. du 
 Luck, Louis, (m5) teamster, res. s s State, bet 
    Locust and Cedar-G. 
 Ludtke, J., (m51-l) tailor, res. w s Metomen bet 
    E. F. du Lac and Bellville-G. 

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