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The United States miller
Vol. 21 (1886)

The United States miller. Vol. 21, no. 4,   pp. [81]-96 PDF (9.3 MB)

Page [81]

B. HARARISON OAIIWK2 [VOL. 21, No. 4.  MILWAUKEE, AUGUST, 1886.         
    TERM8 4I g"opaear Avnen
                  _=~~~~~~nl Copies, . ____t_.
BEFORE TRIAL I                   PEi r                FEEDER            
                          I                    "NOWMAMII W    O&
"a 1511102
    Lamar, Jr., JUly 7, 1886.
Gentlemen:-Please send us
one Feeder 9 x 18 Allis Roll
(double). If satisfactory we
will want two more of the
same kind and one for 9 x 14
style B.
Brand, DMoody & Co.
  Inreasu  Capeclty, Inerema   Yields. Matter Orade, Reduce *unninS
                   Expeneeg by uming our Feeders.
       Refer to the following mills In which our Feeders have been adopted:
Pillebury A, e      PENNSYLVAN4A.               CALIFORNIA.
Pillebury 8,   C  H. 8. Klinger A Co, Butler.  per    o.. 8tookton.
Anchor,          0. d A. Lukenbach, Bethlehem. Pioneer, aaoramento.
Waehburn A,   N.elbourne Mllie,Philadelphia. MoGrary 4 Oro., 8aaramento.
Waehburn C,  =        NEW   YORK.         Horace Davie, Ban Franc/aeo
           'h 2, J.well Milling Co., Brooklyn.  Golden Age,
Pettrit         Joneba 3J S Co.. Mew York City.Del Monte,
Crownuoallr,    Kings Oo. Hill Co., Grooyn  General B/dwell, Chloe.
Dakota,      '           OHIO.             Grialey H/lis, Gridley.
Galaxu,      a  8ohumaoher Milling Co.,Ahron  Victor Mills. Ho/liater.
R. D. kubbard £ Co., Manhato, Minn.; Austin Herr, Washington, 0. O.,
and other..
hke 011 Fie Fe81 111ilile for Fimi Kill Itesh.
Lamwar, No., Jul 29, 1886.
Dear Sir:-Please send us
two more Feeders for Ii x 18
Allis double rolls, and one for
V x 14 style B. We are con-
vinced from our experience
with the one sent us that they
will increase our capacity and
yield materially. Ship as soon
as possible and send bill.
     Yours Respectfully,
Brad, Dunwoody & Co.
Is now In successful operation In a large number of mills, both large
and small, on hard an sott wheat, and ta meeting with unparmalleled
success. All the mills now running on this system are doing very One
and olose work, and we are in receiptot the most flattering letters from
millers. References and letters of Introduction to parties using the
Odell Rolls and System, will be furnished on application to all who de-
sire to Investigate.
  *6Gdel's ReI~ller Mill+
Invented and Patented by U. H. ODELL the bulider of several of the
   largest and best Gradual Reduction Flour Mills in the country.
         We Invite particular attention to the following
possesed by the Odell Roller Mili over all competitors all of which are
broadi covered by patents, and cannot be used on anr other machine.
  1. It Is driven entirely with belts, which are so arranged as to be
equivalent to giving each of the four rolls a separate driving-bolt from
the power shaft, thus obtaining a positive differential motion which
cannot be had with short belt.
  L It Is the only Roller Mill In market which can Instantly be
stopped without throwing off the driving-belt, or that has ade-
quate tightener devices for taking up the stretch of the driving-belt.
  S. It l the only Roller Mill In which one movement of a hand
lever spreads the roll apart &ad shuts off the feed at the same
time. Tbe reverse movement of thislever brings the rolls back agaln
exactly into working position and at the same time turns on the
  4. Itt bthe only Holler Millin which the movable roll-bearings may
be ajusted to ana from the stationary roll-bearings without disturb-
in~g the t-aaea^JprInu.
  5. Our Corrugation is a decided advance over all others. It pro-
ducee a more even granuation, more middlings of uniform shape
mud dra., *-dU ele-sD the bran beUttr.
     VI S   * u 3l IBT1 1   3 * N I A   1 0 1 1 5u.
   Our Corruation differs from all others, and produces les Break
Fleur   ad  lddiage of Better QualIty.
   MUi owners adopting our Roller Mills will have the benefit of Mr.
Odel's adve and lon experience In arranging mil. Can furnish
nohinee oneort not7e   Forfurtherinformation, apply In person
or by letter to the sole manufacturers,
INUlY, ll!TOI, 0 1109 1. lo lo
i [
, .. .

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