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Adams, Arva Luther; Herziger, Caryl Chandler; Pawlowski, Winifred Anderson (ed.) / A tale of twin cities : or the development of the Fox River Waterway

Wauda, Nathan H.
James Duane Doty,   pp. 35-50 ff. PDF (5.2 MB)

Page 35

James Duane Doty
One hundred and seventy-nine years after the Mayflower landed in
Massachusetts on November 5,1799, James Duane Doty, was born in the village
of Salem, New York. His great grandfather, Eduard Doty, had been a passenger
on the Mayflower. From that small hamlet, just miles from the Vermont border
and near the Hudson River Valley, came a boy destined to become great in
maturity with the qualities of a fighter without sword and dagger.
In the story that follows is a portion of James Doty's biography narrated as a
champion of another sort, perhaps.
The story of James Doty begins in the time-frame of America's struggle with
England for independence on land and sea. Among the early patriots were many
stout-hearted believers in freedom and the building of a new nation. This group
of brave colonists included members of the Doty family. Chillus (pronounced
Kee-lus) was born in Salem, New York, in 1770, and was married in 1790 to a
very lovely young woman, Sarah Martin. They had three children: son, Baron
Steuben Doty, born 1795; son, James Duane Doty, born November 5,1799; and
daughter, Lanada born in 1803, but who died in infancy.
Sarah Martin's brother was General Walter Martin, hero of the War of 1812.
Perhaps the fighting spirit of the man who became Wisconsin's territorial governor
was genetically related to that strain of vital spirit in his father and his mother's
General Martin had two sons, one of whom was Morgan L. Martin, who would
travel a parallel path with James Doty in the years to come.
Chillus Doty moved his family to Martinsburg about 1803. This village would
be the home of the future governor of Wisconsin through his adolescent years.
Chillus was much involved, in the growth of Martinsburg and held several
important positions in the government of the Town and the State of New York.
The key township of Martinsburg, with its worthy leadership in Chillus Doty and
Walter Martin, probably gave birth to the future life of James Doty. James keenly

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