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Stamm, Florian M. / Sea of reflection

June 5, 2007 interview with Florian Stamm at his home

June 5, 2007 
Interview with Florian Stamm at his home 
Mount Horeb, WI 
Interviewee: Florian Stamm, Mount Horeb, WI (originally Strongs Prairie,
Indianapolis battleship survivor of 1945 sinking, Seaman 1 'Class (not 2'
class like the 
books say). And a very handsome man of 83 with a great smile and witty personality.
And hardly a gray hair in his head. A Legend in his own time. 
Mary Stamm, Florian's wife. A kind and lovely woman, gentle and warm. 
With quiet pride, fondly gazes at her husband. (Perry Evenson's daughter
- yet another 
Indy coincidence. Deb took care of Perry at Pleasant View Nursing Home in
from Oct, 1980 to 1985). 
Henrietta Gordon, Verona, WI. Cheerful and genuine, inherited traits 
from both parents. A sparkling personality full of happiness and pride. She
is the 
daughter of a Marine, of the Greatest Generation. She brought us all together.
cosmetologist, she does Mary's hair and is Deb's first cousin. 
Interviewer: Deb Blum, RN, Monroe, WI, No history degree, just a license
practice as a nurse! Respectfully curious and interested in an era of courageous
heroes of war, and the home front as well. Grateful for the opportunity these
people have offered, to learn about this man, his might, and of surviving
the Greatest 
Tragedy in Naval history. 

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