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Southern Wisconsin Cheesemakers' and Dairymen's Association / Proceedings of the eighth annual meeting of the Southern Wisconsin Cheesemakers' and Dairymen's Association held at Monroe, Wisconsin, Thursday and Friday, January 30-31, 1908

Luchsinger, Thomas
The annual address,   pp. 25-29 PDF (887.5 KB)

Page 25

SO1''lrv1FN WIS(CONSI N ('ll lMISEN.\1KRSS Assa 1.\vl-0N.  25
(;cnlc/ hc'ii (,f tlh( Co urcn /ion:
A'Neaiv! .111011vi. ve';11 II;s  audlt   --(1slc :411ce Avel  \  alst
1li4t ill tIIis IIl II t(i dl cll- I lie m1Ii I rs ilwar t  IP t  011' heart
Iiilud v. Much iw  as w ;aIid cii that ccasioll, wlIii  was o)f great
;l ilitalicv ail va~lue, 11had Nve takeli tilhe aivI, cf the
speakers 111id filh;wed theiri inistructi us..  Hlit t lese eon-
v lit jillr lveil iidl iiie aIl va S v  f thle p,;i-;a Ih  of t(o le'II twer
Nvelit (lilt tI s4W his s-ed : So1iie t(1 (lIl the hivas alid was
devei(trud 11Nv tlie bilds f Illte ail; slile ftel alii4il11ig Ilie weeds
awld the veeds clhokled it alit af its gyowthi; smile fell on the
stole s and re ks, and far   lick  f Iiioistuire witiired ill the
andui, and sillie ft-l (nII goadz mid 'gr4l1 and brmigt filth frilit
ill a lmnidlanIe.  A uid it fllrtler s;i vs at tihe cximl iif tie par-
ablel :  "Let tiose tliit have ears to hearll Iistell to wIlat is
saiti,'" a lid it illighit fllut helr le added, 1 ulesel-ve the Nvax'ds
their hea rts.'' This is wliat Nve hdld tIhlese c(nvelitionls for,
lilutuial lilotit anud instructioll. Ni\\a gr -pat nuiimibher, with-
ulit (loliubt, iliil derive Soi pli . 1)tl t, alld Iv call see thie evi-
dence around ns that some of the ivm-ds uttered theln did
fall upon gopold ground and has l(edl to smie ilmplrvemelilnts
alling atir lpeoplel, so that all the se(e sown wvas not lost. I
d(l not wvish to praise, linl' nile'll less i4) I wishl to couidenlin,
hunt triltit lilmIst and will lprevail, aid if at tilltes it is not as

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