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Slinger Advancement Association (Slinger, Wisconsin) / Slinger historical album: Schleisingerville to Slinger, 125 years, 1869-1994

Wikrent, Joe; Roever, John
School days,   pp. 56-58 PDF (1.5 MB)

Page 56

Information and pictures supplied by Joe Wikrent and John Roever 
    In 1854, the first one-room school was taught by Mr. Heskit 
in the old St. John's Church. The location moved to the village 
hall the next year. The first school building was constructed on 
Buchanan Street in 1866. This log structure was replaced in 
1885 when a new city hall-school building was built on the 
present site of the fire department. 
6.29 RK The first high school in Schlelsingervllle, built in 1910. 
    Besides offering a basic curriculum, the high school also 
fielded both boys and girls basketball teams as early as 1916. 
The boys team won the eight-team Tri-County tournament 
championship in 1923. Cardinal and white were adopted as the 
school's colors in 1930. 
6.5 RK The second public grade school building in Schlelsingerville. It was
constructed in 1885. The building was also used as the city hall and was
located at the present site of the Slinger Fire Department. 
2.35 MS The 1922 gymnasium and classroom addition. 
1.19A LRR The public school graduation class of 1909 posed for pictures after
receliing their eighth grade diplomas. Seated, left to right, are Lester
Relihart, Walter Kratz. Elda Kaiser. Carrie Thiel. and George Mertz. Standing
are Principal William 0. Meilahn, Edwin Kratz, Frances Schodron, Elmer 
Boehring. Amanda Gensman, and Anna Theisen. 
    The   first high   school building   was   completed   in 
Schleisingerville in 1910, eliminating the need for older 
students to travel to Hartford. The school received its charter 
from the state in 1914 and held its first graduation in spring, 
1915. The original high school building is still in use today, 
housing a variety of elementary and middle school classes. 
    An addition was completed in 1922 that included a 
gymnasium and more classrooms. Slinger beat Campbellsport, 
81-10, in the first game played in the new gym (which today is 
the elementary gymnasium). Six more additions to the building 
were added between 1948 and 1989 to form the present Slinger 
Elementary and Middle School complex. 
8.12 SS The 1955 and 1957 elementary classroom additions. 

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