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Wright's directory of Sheboygan Co. for 1889-90 comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers; the public and private schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc., etc. List of farmers of Sheboygan County and a new city map.

[Sheboygan city directory I],   p. 100

Page 100

             HUP              100             JAC
-   Huppert. See also Hubert, Hoppert, etc.
    Hurd Daniel G., res. 321 Huron.
    Hurtienne Charles, lab., res. 1618 5th.
ME Hurtienne Win., lab., res. 1618 5th.
  - Hutterer Kate, domestic 1122 Walnut.
Hythmier Frank, shoemkr, res. 229 8th.
-   T BS Henry, elk., res. 1317 Pennsylvania av.
il  1]  Ibs Louise Miss, typesetter, res. 1012 St. Clair.
Ibs Wilhelmine (wid. John), res. 1012 St. Clair.
Ibs Win. H., painter, res. 1016 St. Clair.
_=  Igel John W., lab., res. 1628 10th.
- Imboden Frank W., ins. agt., res. 520 Erie.
    Imig Adam, jeweler, 621 8th, res. 536 Williams.
,j Imig Charles (H. and C. Imig), res. 905 7th.
.2 Imig Clara Miss, res. 1127 6tl
M"  Imig Emma Miss, res. 905 7th.
   5l Imig Henry (H. and C. Imig), res. .11 7 6th.
   C& Imig Henry Jr., with H. and C. Imig, res. 1127'6th.
   MG IIH. &C."
   _    (Henry and Charles Imig), clothiers and nert furnishers,
L2 ,    G25 8th.
  Imig Hugo, elk., res. 1021 7th.
    w%  boots and shoes, 629 8th, res. 1021 7th.
      Imig Julia Miss, res. 629 8th.
      Imig Julia A. (wid. Michael), res. 629 8th.
      Imig Laura Miss, res. 905 7th.
  _ Imig Lydia Miss, res. 1127 6th.
  E Imig Mary Miss, res. 1127 6th.
  Imig Meta Miss, bookkpr H. 1). Otten, rms. M127 6th.
    SI mig Oscar E., clk. James Bell, res. 905 7th.
      Imig Victor, with H. & C. Imig, res. 905 7th.
      Ingersoll James 0., lather, res. 529 Center.
  p4    ABBUSCH Max, res. 1117 Indiana.
      1 Jacke Emma B., Miss, res. 1612 Huron.
      J  Jacke Joseph, res. 921 Center.
      Jackel Herman, lab., res. 2015 Beech.
      For Sanitary Plohin{i go to L. Sonntai, 813 Now York.

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