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University of Wisconsin. Dept. of Rural Sociology / Rural youth in northwest Wisconsin : Pierce County

Organization and public affairs,   pp. 8-11 PDF (1.2 MB)

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them (93%) than the females (74%).   Also, although they already have more
facilities available, village youth express a somewhat greater wrillingness
to use
them than farm youth, the proportions being 96% as compared with 72%.
Organization and Public Affairs
To what extent do youth the group and civic life of the communities
in which they live? This survoy included inquiry in that field.
Over half report no organizations with progams of interest to young people
About 615 of these young poople.rcportod that thoro Hero no organizations
in their
community with programs of inter st to young people.   This proportion was
the same for farm and village youth.   Of those availrblc, about l1% said
they ,Tore
church young peoplols societies, and 16% said.thoy were 411 clubs.
Church and church organizations roccive the most sunimort from Youth - However,
although they do not have programs of special interest to them, youth do
meetings of a number of organizations.   About 50% report attending church,
about 27% attend church young peoples groups.   These percentages are about
the same
for both sexes.  However, more village youth than farm youth report church
dance, the figures being about 59% as compared with 45%.. On the. other hand
farm than village youth take part in church young peoples groups, the figures

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