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Rietbrock centennial

Transportation,   pp. 72-73

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Price of cheese - 24 - 3/4 cents
Price of butterfat - 59 cents
Average price per 100 lbs. of milk - $1.94
The first cheesemaker was Maynard Schwantes
followed by Lemke, John Wisniewski, Merrill, Wis-
consin, and William E. Dvorak, the last cheesemaker
from Sept.. 1929 to March, 1969. William E. Dvorak
purchased the factory from the stockholders in
Aug., 1933.
Lowest price of cheese - Feb. 1933 - 8-1/2 cents
Lowest price of butterfat was 20 cents
Average price per 100 lbs. of milk - 67 cents
The Dvorak's sold the factory in 1969 to Ray Gold-
bach, Marathon, Wisconsin. Mr. Vernon Utecht is
the present cheesemaker and manager. The factory
still holds the name, as Clover Belt Cheese Factory in
The Town of Rietbrock.
Cows are funny. They like to walk through mud.
They don't worry about anything, just lie and chew
their cud.
When they're hungry they go feed in the bam,
While the farmer figures ways of keeping them from
Now cows give milk so frothy white
From eating green grass morning and night.
Then we make cheese - that's yellow,
Swiss, brick, strong and mellow.
So figure this one out if you're an educated fellow -
How a black cow gives white milk for making cheese
that's yellow?
Harry F. Davis
from Rib Mountain Echoes, Volume II, copyright
1967 by the Wausau Writers Club Worzalla Publish-
ing Company, Stevens Point, Wisconsin.
Many of the early pioneers came to this country
by sailboats and steamships. Settling in the town of
Rietbrock, their only means of transportation was
by foot. Later, the oxen were used for heavy work;
then railroads came into existence. After they cleared
and made roads, the horses replaced the oxen. They
The latter was a representative of the int. Harvester Co. Copies 11120/79 from
picture furnished courtesy of John Gesicki, of Poniatowski.
were used to drive the surrey those days. As time
advanced, the horse and carriage was replaced with
that of the autos, in about 1910.
wnen cars came into existence Pioneers went out toy

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