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Kolbeck, Henry J. / History of the Thiensville Dam, Thiesville, Wisconsin

The Thiensville Dam,   pp. 1-5

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On July 20, 1842 John (Joachim) Henry Thien bought a plot of land from John
Weston at a bend in the Milwaukee River, where the Village of Thiensville eventually
developed. He had come about two years before from Oldenburg, located in the State of
Hanover, in Germany. He was a man of some means and decided that a flour mill, which
was needed in the area, could be built at that spot. It became the biggest undertaking in
the area and caused the development of a marketplace-like village at that bend in the
John Weston an early resident of the town of Mequon and a surveyor, had bought
the land (about 148 acres) at the bend in the Milwaukee River on march 13, 1839 for
$800.00. Prior to the purchase of this site in 1842 by John Henry Thien from John
Weston the Council and House of Representatives of the Territory of Wisconsin passed
an act on January 13, 1840 approving construction of the dam and the mill facilities.
Now construction of the dam could proceed. This information was obtained from the
History of Thiensville Bicentennial Edition and the abstract of title of the transactions
between John Weston, the United States Government and Henry Thien.
Trying to reconstruct how the Thiensville Mill Dam came about is an interesting
task. One has to remember that there was nothing there at that spot on the river. So how
to go about building that mill. This is probably how:
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