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U. S. S. Rasher (SS 269),   p. 8 PDF (302.1 KB)

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                          U.S.S. Rasher (SS 269)
Keel Laid - May 4, 1942
Launched - December 20, 1942
Commissioned - June 8, 1943
Sponsor - Mrs. G. C. Weaver - wife of Commander G. C. Weaver U.S.N.
The U.S.S. Rasher departed Manitowoc June 27, 1943 for New Orleans in
floating dry dock arriving New Orleans on July 3, 1943. By August 8, 1943
Rasher was on her way to Brisbane, Australia arriving there September 11,
1943. During the first five war patrols Rasher sank more tonnage of enemy
shipping than any other submarine in the-history of the world, except U.S.S.
Flasher. The U.S.S. Rasher was credited with sinking 18 ships with a total
tonnage of 99,901 tons. An additional 62,481 tons were damaged. Rasher
earned the following decorations: 4 Navy Crosses, 12 Silver Stars, 16 Bronze
Stars, 1 Legion of Merit, 1 Navy and Marine Corps Medal, 6 Commendations,
Presidential Unit Citation and 7 Battle Stars.
The value of enemy cargoes and combat loaded troopships which the U.S.S.
Rasher prevented from reaching a destination is impossible to estimate. In
terms of Japanese soldiers who never arrived to fight and ammunition which
didn't arrive to be fired at U.S. troops and enemy planes which never got
the air, the U.S.S. Rasher's contribution to the war effort was tremendous.
The Rasher served with the Pacific Fleet based at San Diego, California and
was stricken from Naval Records in 1971.
                             U.S.S. Raton (SS 270)
Keel Laid - May 29, 1942
Launched - January 24, 1943
Commissioned-July 13, 1943
Sponsor - Mrs. C. C. West - wife of Mr. Charles C. West-President of
          the Manitowoc Shipbuilding Company
  The U.S.S. Raton had a very successful war patrol which started in the
China Sea. Raton maneuvered into the center of a nine ship formation. Firing
all torpedoes from both bow and stern tubes, three ships were sunk and one
damaged. After the second attack a destroyer escortwas sunk with one torpedo.
The third attack left one more ship damaged. From here Raton headed for
Schoulten Islands to reload with torpedoes and fuel for a continuation
of the patrol.
  A cruiser was damaged two weeks later, and three more ships were sent to
the bottom.
  On this sixth war patrol the Raton sank 57,200 tons and damaged 20,300
tons more.
  The seven war patrols of the U.S.S. Raton produced the following results:
3 Men of War and 10 Merchant ships sunk with a total tonnage of 44,178 tons.
2 Men of War and 5 Merchant ships damage for a total of 51,500 tons.
20 Japanese captured.
6 Battle Stars were earned.
  Raton served on active duty with the Pacific Fleet and was stricken from
  Naval Records in 1969.

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