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Smith, Du Moulin and Co. (ed.) / The Madison city directory, and business mirror, containing the names of the citizens, a business directory, state and city record, and an appendix of much useful information

[General directory of names: B],   pp. 11-17 PDF (1.2 MB)

Page 11

Babcock Willett, (Jas. E. Fisher & Co.,) furniture dealer,
     Pinckney n Lake, h Mifflin n Webster
BABCOCK WILLIAM H., truckman, h Langdon n Broome
Babler Oswald, cabinet maker, bds Mifflin n Webster
Bacon George E., assistant clerk Swamp Land department, bds
     Wisconsin Av
Bacon R. S., commercial college, Pinckney c Mifflin, h at Cin-
Bacon's Mercantile College, Pinckney c Mifflin
Bailey Myron T., county clerk, Fairchild n Main, h Johnson n
Bailey William, tailor, h Jenifer c Patterson
Baker J. H. D., clerk, h Chandler on Greenbush Addition
Baker John, express agent, bds Main n Bassett
Baker William F., lawyer, h W Canal n Main
Baker William G., plow maker, h foot of King
Ball Joseph, painter, bds Eastern Hotel
Baltzell John R., (Ainsworth & Baltzell,) lawyer, Wells bl
    Main, bds U. S. Hotel
Bancroft A. L., clerk, bds Wilson bet Carroll and Hamilton
BANK OF THE CAPITOL, Pinckney n Washington Av.
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Barekhan J. E. G., upholsterer, h Johnson n Blount
Barker Mahlon, barber, U. S. Hotel, h Gorham n E Canal
Barnard Isaac, bds Pinckney c Johnson
Barr J. T., cook, Capitol House
Barry Fanny, embroidery, Hamilton bet Main and Clymer,
    h same
Barry Henry, waiter, Capitol Hiuse
BARRY P. D., Rail Road House, Main n Bedford, h same
Bartels J. L., clerk, bds Main n Canal
Barth Casper, laborer, h Webster n Mifflin
Bartholdt Wilhelm, hair dresser, State n Fairchild, h same
Bartlett Edward G., (Bowen & Bartlett,) physician, Bruen's
    Block Pinckney c Washington Av, h Gorham n Carroll
Barwise George H., (Williamson & Barwise,) real estate and
    banker, Pinckney n Main, h Main c Henry
Batchelor James, gunsmith, University Av n Lake, h same
Bate James A., corresponding clerk State Treasurer's office,
    Capitol, bdx E Canal n Mifflin
Bauman John, helper, bds Williamson c Blount

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