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The Wisconsin lumberman, devoted to the lumbering interests of the northwest
Volume III. Number 6 (March, 1875)

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Page 516

57we [Viseonsi a Lumn berman.
vicinity, cuts 20,000 feet a day. The pro-
prietors have a large manufacturing estab-
lishment in Santa Rosa for all kinds of
building, ornamental and fancy work, to
which they intend, at an early day, to add
a wine cask factory, the casks to be made
of selected timber from their mill. They
have about 25,000 acres of land. Ilasset
& Meade's mill is in the same locality; it
has a capacity of from  15,000 to 20,400 a
day, with about 100 acres of timber land.
There is another small water mill, Olm-
stead's, in this district, with a capacity of
5,000 feet per day. Following are the wa-
ges paid: Sawyers receive $100.00 per
month ;engineers, $50.00, teamsters $75.-
00; all with boardl, and are paid in coin.
The catting capaci tV of all the mills in the
country is 201,000 feet a day.
A well-posted lumberman gives the fol-
lowing statement of timber within the
county limits, by districts
Heald & Guerne _-    _
Korbel Bros. _-  -
Murphy Bros. _-     -
Hasset & Meade
Armstrong & Estep
Dutch John.   _
Henry Willets --     .
Marshall (Mill creek)
Beaver     -       - --
Torrenue  -- -- -- ---
Other owners
Coast, from Duncan's north-
ward-_    _    _   _    800,000,(100
Bodega township -          141,000,000
Total timber in County.. - I , 130.090,I)00
Foreign Coinmmree of England.
The total value of the imports into
Great Britain during January was £32,-
375,675, beirnt over a million in excess of
the total of January, 1874. The value of
British and Irish produce exported was
£16,986,760, compared with £19,472,467
in the year previous January. The im-
ports for the year ending December show
a decrease of about a million sterling, as
compared with those of 1873; and the ex-
ports for the year show a decrease of
Patents in the Lumber Trade.
The following list of patent issued by
the United States patent office for the
month ending Feb. 15th, 1875, relating to
saw-mill machmery and the lumbering in-
terests, is prepared expressly for The Wis
consmn Lumberman by Louis Bagger & Co.
solicitors of patents, Washington, D. C.,
from whom complete copies of the patents
and drawings may be obtained:-
No. 158,404.-Saw-sharpeners; patented
by John Crook and James A. Crook, An-
gusta, Ohio.
No. 158.454.-Saw-clamps; patented by
S. P. Babcock, Adrian, Mich.
No. 158,470.-Saw-filing machines; pat-
ented by Jerome Cleveland, Tecumiseh,
Micn., assignor to himself and II. IHaines.
same place.
158,537.-Crosscut Saw Hanlels; p Lt.
by Wm. K. Stansbury, Detroit, Mich.
*158,903.-Saw-mill dogs; patented by
Wm. M. Terry, Grand Haven, 1icli.
158,703-Saw-mills; patented by Her-
man D. Hall, Denver, Co!.
158,753,-Lumber-driers: patented by
II. S. Taylor, Wilmington, Del.
158,75G.-Saw-Gummers; patented by
S. Lee Tibbals, Os akee, Minn.
158,921.-Ilandsaws:  patented,   by
Henry Disston, Philadelphia, P'a.
158,946.-Machines for dressing shing-
les; patented by Samuel L. King, Lan-
caster, Pa.
158,952.-Machines for cnbossing wood;
patented by Urbain Auguste Lanteiquc,
Paris, France.
156,964.-Gin saw-sharpenors: patented
by Josiah Mizzell and John Reville, Coler-
rum, N. C.
158,968.-Machines for cuting splints
for matches; patented by Waldeman Bcr-
gin, Nelsen, M1almoe, Sweden.
159,042.-Manufacture of wooden box-
es; patented by Almond Robin-on, Webs-
ter, Maine.
159,140.-Saw-handles; patented by E.
Andrews, Williamsport, Pa.
159,162.-Wood pavements; patented
by Wm. Dissney, Cincinnati, Ohio.
159,226.-Cutter-heads; patented by
Geo. J. Shimer, Milton, Pa.
159,236.-Hlead-blocks for saw mills;
patented by Francis N. Whitcomb, Bel-
mont, N. Y., for himself and W  Ellery
Davis and Mary J. Rawson, administrators
of David Rawson, deceased.

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