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The Wisconsin lumberman, devoted to the lumbering interests of the northwest
Volume III. Number 5 (February, 1875)

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Our readers will not require any
apolog, for the extnt to which we
have allowed the anuual statistics of
the lumber trade to encroach upon
our editorial space. We have made
it a point ea'h year to include in our
earlier numibers thle best annual
statements that can be obtained from
al quartel's. Sble e the cst ablish-
nent of the W.IS-'oSSN LUMBERH1AN a
great litcrat arc ]has grown liD in the
interests of the lumber trade. Sev-
eral publications are now devoted
exclusively to thisliteratureanudthere
is hardly n respectable newspaper in
which it does nothave a department.
In order to give the WiscoNsiN Luir-
:Er.MAN the gre -test possible valne to
its large circle of subscribers we have
made a point of reproducing the
most valuable contributions relating
to this trade from a wider range of
exchanges than any one firm can
consult. We deem facts and opinions
from a variety of sources more ac-
ceptable to the majority of practical
lumbermen than a publication com-
posed  exclusively  of our   own
This is the season for the annual lhar-
vest of lumlber statisties. Tho Wiscons;i
Lumberman, according to its    custiln,
makes itself the vehicle of information that
must become, to a largc extent, 'he
of the operations of both  manufacturers
and  dealers during the   coming year
From  a general study o. the hield w
conclude that the sitnati in of lumbermien
is not materially changed frioos that of this
time lnst year. T-uley have tli" cm:)nso;l:i;-
of knowing that they are at ally rate one
hard year nemrer tih. nava-abll1.  roac tiou
that in d!ue timc IllUS' 0 mIe. We-C are 1n-
conraged to hope that the mnot of those
in the trade who hauve hl# the fortune to
weather the gale of eoiniieoeil. disister
thus far, will safely outride it and will
presently come into the peaceful waters of
good times.
While lumbermen are complaining loud-
ly of their troubles, as they doubtless have
some cause to dlo, it is by no licans certain
that they have suffered any more then
their proportion of the general reaction
and depression in business.
The panic in the fall of 1873 made cap-
italists more than lsually cautious. 3lany
investments had proved worthless.  Bub-
ble companies of many kinds which hall
promised large  dividend,-if not inde-
pendent fortunes-exploded and left those
who had put their money into them heavy

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