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Northrop, E. B.; Chittenden, H. A., Jr. (ed.) / The Wisconsin lumberman, devoted to the lumbering interests of the northwest
(August, 1874)

A convention to be held at Chicago,   p. 473 PDF (354.8 KB)

Page 473

17w Wiscoaunn Lumberman.
Bro. Jonathan one log raft from
Durant & Wheeler to Guttenberg,
Bellevue and Cat Tail Slough.
Minnie Will, one raft from Gilles-
pie to Lyons and Fulton.
The McDonald and Pearl came in
yesterday and are waiting for trips.
The Penn Wright has completed
her repairs and will arrive at the
landing to-morrow. The Louisville
will be in Monday and will go out for
Cat Tail Slough. The Stillwater will
get in Saturday noon and will leave
at once for Muscatine and points
We learn that Capt. S. N. Cowan
has purchased of S. . Smith of Lyons
Ia., all of this gentleman's Pine lands
tributuary to the St. Croix in Wis-
consin and Minnesota. These lands
are among the most vuluable of the
pine lands on Totogatic, Nemacog-
gin, Clam and Yellow rivers, and
Frog Lake.   It is estimated that
there are between thirty and forty
ty million feet of No. 1 pine on the
land purchased. The price paid is
$50,000, $10,000 and $0,000 a year
for four years.
Mr. Smith retires from the lumber
business, having erected an extensive
paper mill in Lyons at a cost of $70,
000, and is manufacturing about 25
tons of paper per week, for which he
finds ready sale for cash.
It is an unusual thing to start a
fleet of lumber for the Mississippi on
the present low stage of water; in
fact we don't know if such a thing
was ever before attempted; but the
Weed lumber manufacturing com-
pany of Barnum started a large fleet
last week. Their mill is so favorably
located as to permit of their so doing
with every prospect of getting out
with no material hindrance. We
wish the daring and enterprising
company success-abundant success
-Grand Rapids, (Win) Reporter.
A circular win soon be issued, by
the lumbermen in Chicagoinviting a
convention at Chicago in September
next: The circular, we understand, is
to be generally sent to the lumber-
men of the Northwest, asking their
opinion of the necessity of such a
convention, and also asking pledges
of attendance. If satisfactory re-
plies are received by the Lumber-
men's Board of Trade, such prepara-
tions as only Chicago can make, will
be immediately undertaken by the
Chicago lumbermen to render the
convention something of unusual in-
terest and benefit. The readers of
THE WiscoNxs  LurBxitAx will soon
receive the circulars asking co-opera-
tion and attendance. There is not a
manufacturer or dealer in the North-
west who can afford to be absent
from the convention if it is appointed
to be held. Matters of vital interest
to the trade will be discussed; and
undoubtedly great good will be ac-
complished if the lumbermen of the
Northwest can be made to fully real-
ize the present situation of the trade
and come to some agreement about
the best policy to pursue in bringing
the business of lumbering up to a
point where it will at least pay a
small interest on money and labor
invested. Chicago is easy of access.
No lumberman can afford to be ab-
sent. Pledge yourself to attend a
convention at Chicago, and then go
with the determination to take an ac-
tive part in the proceedings, laboring
for the future good of the trade.
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