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Northrop, E. B.; Chittenden, H. A., Jr. (ed.) / The Wisconsin lumberman, devoted to the lumbering interests of the northwest
(August, 1874)

A rare chance for investment,   pp. 466-467 PDF (654.3 KB)

Page 466

466                    The Wiscon
some length, participated in by many
of the gentlemen present, being
much in the same vein as the re-
marks already given.
In order to bring the subject to a
more definite shape, Mr. Avery of
Detroit moved that a committee of
three be appointed by the chair,
whose duty it shall be to prepare
facts and statistics to be presented
to the meeting to be held September
An attempt was made to increase
the committee to five, but the orig-
inal motion was carried. Messrs.
Ezra Rust, of Saginaw; Albert Miller,
Bay City, and J. S. Estabrook, of
East Saginaw, were appointed such
On motion of Mr. Miller a com-
mittee of six on subscription, com-
posed of Newell Bowman and A. W.
Wright of Saginaw; R. G. Eorr and
C. K. Eddy, of East Saginaw; M. B.
Bradley and Wm. L. Fay, of Bay
City, were appointed. Nearly $500
was subscribed at the meeting to de-
fray the expenses of the committee.
On motion of J. S. Eastabrook, a
committee of conference and corres-
pondence was appointed.
The committee consists of the fol-
lowing gentlemen: Newell Avery and
Thomas Palmer of Detroit; Albert
Pack and J. K. Lockwood of Alpena;
C. P. Hills and Jno. P. Nelson of
Muskegon; Henry Howard and John
P. Sanborn of Port Huron; Wm. M.
Ferry and Mr. Hopkins of Grand
Haven; Perry Hannahs and W. H.
C. Mitchell of Grand Traverse; Eu-
gene Smith of St. Clair, and A. Smith
of Algonac; Thos. Snell and Mr.
Crawford of Pigeon River; C. D.
sin Lumberman.
Hale and J. D. Wickes of Tawas; J.
L. Woods and John C. Waterbury of
Lexington; H. ML Loud of Au Sable;
Wm. Wonderley and Mr. Benjamin
of Grand Rapids; Josiah Begole and
Zack Chase of Flint; F. B. Stock-
bridge of Saugatuck; J. A. Hubbell
of Houghton; C. Y. Osborn and H.
A. Burt of Marquettee, G. W. Brown
and J. Scranton of Ste St. Marie.
After ordering the proceedings
published and designating the chair-
man of the committee of three as
treasurer. the meeting adjourned to
meet at the call of the committee.
We call particular attention to the
advertisement on tinted page, of saw
mill for sale. From long personal
knowledge of the location, capacity
aid general features of excellence,
the editors of the WiscoNsIN LummR-
x" are enabled to recommend Mr.
John C. Clarke's mill and property
as particularly valuable. There is no
better mill of its size in the country
and the location is as perfect as one
could wish even if he had the making
of the surroundings himself The
mill is situated at Wausau, one of the
most flourishing cities of Wisconsin,
on Big Bull Falls where nature has
not only made the power but actual-
ly, as it would seem, constructed her
own races to make it more available.
We are pretty thoroughly acquainted
with a majority of the mills in the
state and we can truly say that for
location and general excellence of the
property, we know of no mill that
is better property than that of J.
C. Clarke's at Wausau, Wis. The
Wisconsin Valley railroad will be
! I
i      .
t :
;1      I

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