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Hagen family; Lian, Anders / Papers, 1879-1899 [Translations]
Call Number, Eau Claire Mss CC Box 1 Folder 3 ([unpublished])

[From Anders Lian/Andrew Lee]/ Empire Lbr. Co. Camp 2. 24/ 1 -[18]91 PDF (182.1 KB)

[From Anders Lian/Andrew Lee]
                           Empire Lbr. Co.   Camp 2.  24/1 -91
Dear brother!
      Just  this  week I received a letter from you whereby I
 am glad to see that up to the    present  everything  is  well 
with you.
      Even  though  I  have  little   to  write  about  I will
 nevertheless send you some lines so you there    at  home  can 
see   that I up to the present have been living well and have
 my health.
      As you can understand, we who live up here   are  beyond
 the   boundaries  of  society for half the year,  so sometimes 
the time is long also, but then we have to take it a day    at
 a time.
      You  ask me what kind of work I am doing, but that is
 almost more than I can tell, because the work    here  in  the
 woods is so different from what it was in Norway.    Enough to 
say   that  it  is  hard  work with long days.   We eat in the
 morning about 5:00 and go out at 5:30, eat dinner    at  12:00
 and   work  again  until  about   5:30; and as the days become
 longer until 6:00 and later.   That becomes a long day as you 
can understand.
      I am wondering if you cannot soon write my name   Andrew 
Lee on the letters to me as I otherwise have trouble getting 
the letters as no one knows me here as Anders    Lian.  I  hope 
you will correct that next time.
      Herewith  I  must  quit with a friendly greeting to you
 and all there at home.
                             Andrew Lee
   Empire Lbr Co  Camp 2
You can address the letters here to the   camp  if  you  send
 some before the 15th of March.

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