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Wright's Janesville city directory, 1927, containing an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens, a miscellaneous directory of the city, county and village officers, banks, buildings, churches, incorporated companies, schools, secret and benevolent, trade and social organizations, etc.: an improved street and avenue guide and householders directory, a buyers' guide and a complete classified business directory

[T],   pp. 340-351

Page 340

Schafer & MCKey Lumber Co.          Phone 100 
240        (1927) WRIGHT DIRECTORY Co.'8 
AN 'T   ,,- ANT A  - m m - ANT PRO EO 
'or        -TLwZ C&OA. 
atL U F=I & to. 
Swanson Geo E (Inez) h1103 N Washington 
Swanson Harold 0 mgr Swanson's Grocery r539 S Frank. 
Swanson Hasel M asst mgr Swanson's Grocery r589 a 
Swanson Henry A (Bertha M; Swanson's Grocery) m 
Footeville Wis 
Swanson's Grocery (Henry Swanson) 16 Racine 
Swartwout Fdgar C (Margt) see Y M C A h120 Cherry 
Sweeney Ann Mrs r820 Wilson av 
Sweeney Miles (Ann) police h820 Wilson av 
Sweet Elmer C (Pauline) electn Rock County Electric Co 
h917 Sherman 
Sweet Ethel L mach opr Parker Pen Co r406 E Mllwau- 
Sweet Glen (Margt) mach C M & St Paul Ry h2O7 S High 
Swenson Paul W (Gladys) lab h71* 8 Jackson 
Swisher John (Lillian) lab h225 Water 
Sykes Bros (Ernest M aud Stanley D) gros 28 5 River 
Sykes Ernest M (Nettie J; Sykes Bros) h508 Prairie av 
Sykes Henry G (Martha) elk Sykes Bros) h1286 Court 
Sykes Maude tchr r915 Prospect av 
Sykes Manley D (Martha; Sykes Bros) h181 Mineral 
Pt aV 
Synstegard Hattie (wid Chas) r112 Oakland av 
Synstegard Luella stn New Method Shoe Parlor r112 Oak- 
lard av 
Synstegard Sophia repr Parker Pen Co r112 Oakland av 
Syufy Sophia 8 emp Janesvllle Paper Box & Ptg Co r455 
Taft Laura (wid Henry) r410 N Washington 
Taft Uoyd r706 Harding 
Tainter Herman rS 8 Chatham 
Tait Bessie dept mgr J M Bostwick & Son h419 E Milwau- 
kee apt 405 
Tait Jae T (Ruth) supt mgr Rock River Woolen Mills h 
1182 Milton av 
Tall Edith mach opr Janesville Clothing Co r462 N ChA 
Tall Elis J (wid Saml) h521 Cornelia 
Tall Frank W driver h121 N Franklin 
Tall Mary A (wid Henry) h784 Milton av 
Tall Wm lab h462 N Chamtham 

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