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[Wright's directory of Rock County for 1919 comprising an alphabetical arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified business directory; a numerical street directory; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc.]

L,   pp. 254-264

Page 254

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~2-4 N. Amdmy fit, .bmewg W66 =S NeAd St., 3ehk% W1% 
2"    ingwium- Rom 'bOUNTY DnIarI 
Kueck Herman driver Cronin Dairy h 426.W Eastern av 
Kueck Louise hlpr h 559 S Main 
Kueck Wm H    nbir h 1002 Ravine 
Kuehlman Fred fireman h 120 N High 
Kuehn Gustav h 1032 Jerome 
Kuehn Herman F mach hd h 307 Center 
Ae Ine Alfons (USA) h 418 N Terrace 
Xtehne Ernest baker h 418 N Terrace 
Kuffer Otto lab h 116 W Eastern av 
Kuhl Amanda dom h 332 N Washington 
Kuhlow Benjamin W (USA) h 412 S Jackson 
Kuhlow Louis (wid Win F C) h 412 S Jackson 
Kuhlow Louise (wid Geo) h 293 Western av 
Kuhlow Win electn F A Albrecht h 417 8 Jackson 
Kuhlow Win lab h 721 Western av 
Kuhn. Peter V see Chas Skidd Mfg Co h 416 Hickory 
Kumlien Lenora student h 2, 115 E Milwaukee 
Kunde Dewey steel wkr h 446 N Bluff 
Kunz Albert E line man h 1603 Pleasant 
Kuster Eusebius L elk Golden Eagle h 201 8 Locust 
Kyle Robt lab h 620 N Chatham 
LA BAR Geo A lab h 626 Prospect av 
Labundy Win (USA) h 1227 Cherry 
LA 010M       LUTUAL F=      m ][InANCO     GO George A 
Jacobs General Agent 17 8 Main 
Ladwig Albert hlpr J'ville Products Co h Interurban Hotel ,, 
Lagermann John F driver J'ville Tea Co h 425 Linn 
Lagermann Win car repir h 1603 Pleasant 
Laird David N h 2, 29 S Main 
Laird Earl sales h 2, 29 S Main 
Laird Marg E maeh opr h 2, 29 8 Main 
Laird Marg J (55) died June 23 '18 
Lake Howard lab D Ryan & Sons h 303 E Milwaukee 
Lake Luella B bkpr F E Green h 408 Ravine 
Lake Niehl -h 16 N Washington 
Lake Win (Kennedy & Lake) h Brodhead Wis 
Lake Win H fountain pen mkr h 408 Ravine 
T      M   A lA.,  --..  TP..1I.     -    -1.    'm AIO  "1 
AJlUAV  A ZMIVY UUL  UZ4ZU U J AM  Ul    r U ui J-iJiU   *.LI) VY 
STURTEVYAT, WI  aT &          ( 
lIo  o wt          ...TIM.P SUU.. 0  ........ M..K 
ent *Ron ST.           ONNu.Wi Wig  PS 47fla? 

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