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Wright's directory of Janesville for 1913 comprising an alphabetical arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified business directory; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc., etc.

N,   pp. 222-226

Page 222

THE HUBERT J. O   IINIHAM AOEOC, 101-103 E. Ullkb        t, 
Murray William A. meat-ctr. h. 206 Linn. 
Murrey Max M. bkpr. 101 Ravine, h. 429 N. Bluff. 
Murtaugh James F. lab. h. 1420 Mineral Pt. av. 
Murtaugh Leo, timekpr h. 1420 Mineral Pt. av. 
Murty Thomas, lab. h. 109 N. 1t. 
Mussehl Bertha (wid. Theodore) h. 418 S. Academy. 
Myers Frank. painter, h. 311 Glen. 
YER      OL, Mrs. A. McNeil, prop. 1 S. Main. 
Myers Julia A. (wid. Peter) h. 7 S. East. 
LUJ Myers Katherine J. Miss, h. 7 S. East. 
~ Myers Laura (wid. John H.) h. 2, 13 S. Main. 
Myers Peter L. mngr. Myers Theatre, h. 513 Oakland av. 
Myers' Posting & Distributing Service (Peter L. Myers) 118 E. 
_     Milwaukee. 
MYZR' TEATRE, Peter L. Myers, mngr. 118 E. Milwaukee. 
Myhr Fred J. printer Gazette, h. 876 Glen. 
C=     Myhr Louise, bkpr. 14 W. Milwaukee h. 876 Glen. 
i_                                 N. 
NAATZE Frank, lab. h. 803 S. Main. 
Naatze Fred, lab. h. 803 S. Main. 
Napstad Fred, finisher, h. 1507 Linden av. 
SNasett Gust, carp. h. 110 W. Milwaukee. 
Nash Edward, auto-opr. 182 S. Jackson. 
Nash Helen Miss, h. 121 Court. 
Nash Johanna (wid. Richard) h. 508 S. Pearl. 
ID      Nash John, h. 24 S. Terrace.                               4 $ 
Nash John W. section foreman, h. 13 S. Academy.            4 
a      Nash Mary Miss, h. 13 S. Academy. 
Nash Patrick, lab. h. 310 S. Pearl. 
Nash Thomas, lab. h. 24 S. Terrace. 
Nash Thomas, lab. h. 455 N. Catham. 
Nash Walace W. h. 121 Court. 
Nastad Sanna, domestic 320 St. Lawrence av. 
_J NATIONAL UNION FIRS INS 00. of Pittsburg, Pa. The 
Herbert J. Cunningham Agency, agts. 101 B. Milwaukee. 
NATIONALEN FRANKLIN FIE IN. 00. of Pittsburg, Pa.          - 
Blair & Blair agts. 424 Hayes blk. 
Nanachats William, lab. h. 403 Galena. 
Navock Mary (wid. Andrew) h. 309 Park av. 
O Neeson Charles, dispatcher, h. 521 Western av. 
Neher William N. rubber turner Parker Pen, h. 214 School 
Nehls August, wire.wkr. h. 1116 Grand av. 
JANEIVILLE FLORAL                     ,Ev. lWL 
EVEYTTNIO IN UTARW            m law   uar    , 50 :.Mabt. 

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