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James, Ada Lois, 1876-1952 / Ada James papers, correspondence, 1912, Nov. 8-Dec. 23
Wis Mss OP, Box 17, Folder 3 ([unpublished])

[Letter to Miss Strarns: Richland Center, Wis., Dec. 13, 1912],   pp. [unnumbered]-3 PDF (778.5 KB)

Richland Center, Wis.
Dec.13, 1912
D1ear 1Miss Strarns:-
As far as the union  lan is concerned, with or with-
out independent branches, it seems to me that this will have to be settid
at the convention by the convention.We could have a discussion followed
by a vote. In regard to dues each branch could oiy a 1ý into state
just as the Federated 'lubs ce"
iThe nxune nu consltituti rill also be determined at the con-
venti n.
I am heartily in faver of pu tinr the work on a business
bases. ýIecuring a comapeteat secretary, one with aibility and experience.
Also paid and expeienced or-nizers, not just anyone iha is willing
to give - little tiTe . It seems tm nw the -nly way to conduct a !ystemaM
cnnpa~ign.L~e  Aliticl e uality Leagur haC eijh wien givirng L.heir entle
time             tht laet ,ix months and the work will increase or at
least it aught to. Aside from these eight wonen there were    nny -ho de-
voted their leisure time, arnd thvn tere vere all those splendid Qmen
from Indiana, Ohio, and lllinois.
The work done by the state socities aught ,o be reviewed by
an officer from each state   rianizatiz'n, There are only a very few
women in the state --ho realize how much work -as been done and theyh hay
a rifht to know. They contributed liberally ind a report aulht to be
Personally I don't t ink the fact therc were four state organ-
izations had 4ything to do with our defeat, we worked in perfect '*rI- ny
with the Association members with only four or five exceptions, andthese
members --ere jut of harmony with the assocition. The friction wAs -reatl
exageratedA Since the election I have received beautiful letters from
the old association members with not a hint of criticism.
I agree with you about omiting the first pTragrah of my
form letter. I am in favor of using your letter except I would add INI'S
EQUA  SUFPRAGE IGUE, and have it signed by Er. i.A.J. Uphafm, as well
as by the rest of us.
Now about the program; Several have written to knew how to

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