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McLeod, Donald / History of Wiskonsan, from its first discovery to the present period, including a geological and topographical description of the territory with a correct catalogue of all its plants

Chapter VI,   pp. 116-122 PDF (1.2 MB)

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116           UISTORY or WISKONSAN.
                 CHAPTER VI.
  Up to the year 1835, Milwaukie contained but five
small log houses, including Mr. Solomon Juneau's
store, and a population of only thirty souls. Mr. Ju-
neau is the oldest settler in the country; and the orig-
inal owner of the site of the east ward of the town.
He was twenty two years agent for the American
Fur Company at this post, and as soon as the Indians
had withdrawn across the Mississippi, and the estab-
lishment broken up; he turned immediately, the ener-
gies of his active mind to the settlement of the coun-
try. To his enterprise and perseverence the rapid
growth and unparalleled prosperity of Milwaukie, in
the first instance is chiefly indebted. The first schoon-
er that ever entered the Milwaukie river, was during a
night in the fall of the year 1831, with a consignment
of goods for Mr. Juneau, the only trader in the place}
who, with the few inhabitants, when they saw her at
anchor opposite his store, were as much amazed as
the aboriginals of St. Salvador in the west Indies, were
when first they saw Columbus' flotilla, "walking as
things of life" on the great waters of the mighty deep.-
Mr. Byron Kilborn shortly afterwards laid out the
west ward, on the opposite bank of the river; he has
done much in settling and exploring the resources of'
the country. The inducements they conjointly held
forth and the assistance they rendered to the first ad-
venturing settlers, awakened a spirit of emigration of
enterprise and improvement which has scarcely a par-
allel in the history of the west. The latter after ex-.

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