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Gleanings of '24

Rhetorical,   p. 42

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Some time during our lives we will have to appear before an 
audience, it may be a large one or perhaps just a community gathering. 
Our best training in public speaking is obtained at school through 
Each year students are required to appear on the stage. At the end 
of four years one credit is given as an extra credit. This credit must 
be obtained by each student in order to graduate. 
Various kinds of rhetoricals were given before the assembly during 
the year. 
Experiments in Chemistry, Physics and General Science were very 
Successful. Through the experiments performed we have come to the 
conclusion that w- shall have many great and wonderful scientists 
in the future. 
Domestic Science rhetoricals proved beneficial and interesting. Use- 
ful hints in household management and table manners were giveni in 
the themes by students of this department. 
Forms of parliamentary drills were demonstrated to the high school 
by the Training class. The general topic chosen for demonstration wa3 
"Highway 22 should be paved." 
Curr'ent events formed the basis for many of the talks given Thus 
the students were kept constantly in touch with the big topics of the 
Extemporaneous speaking was one phase of rhetoricals which everx 
student dreaded. A few days before the speeches were to be delivered 
the speakers were given the subjects to be prepared. 
A number of boys tried out in the oratorical contest. The Freshmen 
class had four orators. The Sophomore five. The Juniors three and 
the Seniors five. 'n the Freshmen class try outs. Hyath Flowers re- 
ceived first place, and Loris Sagle received second. In the S'ophomore 
contest Raymond Temple received first, Lloyd Kieffer and Konrad 
Koosman tied for s:cond place. In the Junior class try out Frank Werne- 
received first place, Norman Tracy, second. In the Senior class try out,
Garth Volk received first place and Francis Ohswaldt and Fairburn 
Flowers tied for second. 
In the inter-class contest the Seniors won. Garth Volk received firsi 
place, Fairburn Flowers second, and Frank Werner, a Junior. received 
third place. 
In the Freshmen class declamatory contest. Ruth Ohswaildt received 
first place and Norma Ladron second place. In the Sophomore contest 
iacie Featherstone and Florence Werner tied for first place. ITabel 
Brennan received second. In the Junior contest Pearl Johnson received 
first ad Esther Haesslev received second. 
In the inter-class trv-ont Pearl Johnson received first place, Rutl 
Ohswaldt second and Esther Haessley third. 
In the League contest, beld at Antigo. Ruth Ohswaldt received firsi 
place, Wabeno, second and Pearl Johnson third. 

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