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Wisconsin Rural Electric Cooperative Association / First yearbook, 1938

Wilson, J. Morgan
General manager's report,   pp. 13-14 PDF (568.4 KB)

Page 13

     In recording the accomplishments of the WRECA since its inception
 up to this time of the publication of the Association's first Year Book,
 is impossible to confine the General Manager's report to the customary
 factual data usually found in such a report. So much personal effort and
 strict adherence to the cooperative philosophy have been intertwined with
 STATEWIDE'S economics that it is imperative these factors be mentioned
 as influences in our business organization.
     The farsighted conception for the WRECA, now familiarly known as
STATEWIDE, by the charter members in launching their own service organ-
ization to supply technical services on a cooperative basis for themselves
and the other electric cooperatives yet to be conceived, evidenced courage
and vision not frequently found. They endowed their STATEWIDE with
a spirit and purpose that has continued to motivate the organization in
all its activities, and probably much of the success of the year just past
is attributable to this viewpoint and aim, which may be concisely termed,
cooperating to serve.
     The STATEWIDE Board of Directors composed of representatives from
each of the member cooperatives has assuredly exemplified the philosophy
of cooperation by its selfless interest in gratuitously guiding the policies
of STATEWIDE. The example of the Directors has been observed and
followed by the individual directors and members of the local cooperatives
to a degree that can only be described as remarkable by those of us who
know of the amount of voluntary self sacrificing services that have been
rendered. The additional burden cheerfully assumed by that part of the
STATEWIDE board that comprises the Executive Committee, is a further
noteworthy record of unselfishness.
    Employees of the organization, unlike the Officers and Directors, have
received payment for their services but no salaries could compensate for
the type of service so cheerfully given by STATEWIDE employees. The long
hours, often twice the number prescribed by the typical office of today,
together with the intensive drive to bring the lines into the construction
period, under what was at the beginning, the poorest office facilities; and
in the case of the field force, heavy individual responsibility, has been
remarkable tribute to the inspiration incorporated within the organization
by the charter members.
    With such a spirit established within the organization, cooperation
with the Rural Electrification Administration in advancing the REA pro-
gram in Wisconsin was a natural sequence. The REA Administrator and
staff have given Wisconsin all the assistance and courtesy that a human
machine could supply, and at a time when they were overly crowded with
demands from almost every State. The assistance rendered by the State
of Wisconsin through the medium of the Rural Electrification Coordination,
in helping to establish the WRECA was invaluable and it was this initial
aid that made it possible for STATEWIDE to so rapidly find its place.
Another State department, The Highway Commission, also contributed in
a large measure through its wholehearted cooperation and consideration
particularly with problems in the field. The Public Service Commission
has from time to time extended helpful advice and courteous service, par-
ticularly through its engineering and rate departments. It would be only
fair to state that STATEWIDE has received impartial treatment from all of

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