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Henderson, Max (ed.) / The crimson
Volume Two, Number Two (November, 1911)

Junior,   p. 12

Page 12

Ah, well for the Sophs serene!     "Oh. no! you don't need to learn
Whose tasks are but children's play, them, just be able to state them,
And well for the Freshmen green,  that's all," came the quick reply.
Who stay out all noon to play,  (Whats the diff?)
And well for the Senior class,    (Med. Hist.) Miss J. Who was
With no Mediaeval History;     Michael Angelo?
But ah! for the heartbroken Junior! A loud whisper--"He's an Irish-
class,                       man"-arose from one of the pupils
Who study Geometry.            of the class.
Miss G. ,(In English III). How  The editor wishes to thank the
many of you were able to find the
story of yoMweacble  A numin t students, especially the upper class-
story  of  "Macbeth?"  A  number in  m n  o  h   pe dd   rs  o s
the class raised their hands, while meco th e    spledi  rsp
which they made to his call for copy
others said, "we didn't know where in the last issue of the paper.  The
'to find it."
school is now beginning to adopt the
Miss G. There were several books
on  y dsk nd eveal ownin heproper attitude toward its paper
on my desk and several down in the and, if it keeps it up, will make the
library and there is a complete story Crimson truly beneficial and worth
of it found in Lamb's Tales (tails).  while. The paper is printed for the
(English III Miss J.) Why does Sophomore and the Freshman as
the porter indulge in this speech at well as the Senior and Junior, so
the beginning of the scene?     get busy, you lower classmen and
A. T. (quickly). To give Macbeth send in some copy! Have you ever
time to wash his hands.         felt the exhilaration of seeing an ar-
I. A. is so interested in Commer- ticle which you wrote in print, of
cial Law that she even gets up to re- seeing the child of your brain stand
cite without being called on.   forth before your delighted eyes in
After discussing and giving out Bill Hammond's 'lear black and
the next day's Geometry lesson, B. white, and of looking about you up-
P  on others engrossed in perusing the
P. not thinking that she had enough same? If not, the opportunity is at
to do asked Mr. C. if we should hand.    It is up to you to reach out
learn those four statements.    I and seize it,

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