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Henderson, Max (ed.) / The crimson
Volume Two, Number Two (November, 1911)

Editorial,   pp. 7-9

Page 7

...  ...
Halloween was certainly a gala oc-
casion this year! Everything in the
vicinity received its share of attel
tion, especially our high  school,
building. A passerby at about nine
o'clock, Halloween night would have
been surprised at the ingenousness
of the decorations which had just
been added to that seat of staid
learning. The roof of the engine
room was the resting place for three
of the best buggies that could b
tained from the neighborhood(
ing was too good for our buld
eral days when, one morning, we
0 nd that they, too, had disappear-
Irate owners of missing proper-
ex not overjoyed to find said
roperty Zlecorating the school
house, but if the'i will only remem-
ber that th ey, too6 were boys and in
all probability1id j t such things
on Halloween %aightl it ought to
make it easier 4or them to forget
any slight damage which was done
to their belongings and realize that
pot done out of meanness,
ltru the spirit oi Halloween.
CLong for Jim, the janitor. Mr.
chairs and waste baskets were hang- Coon suggested it.
ing from every window by long pur-  We do not wish to dwell upon the
ple and white streamers, while sun- affair of Tuesday night. November
dry buggy wheels and other articles 7th, regiodng the attitude which
bedecked other portions. By some some*  the students adopted by
strange and mysterious method the breaki g, up the meeting of the girls'
bell of the other building rang for athletic ssociation. Prin. Holt has
about half an hour. Unfortunately said all that is necessary upon the
James* arrived on the spot so .early subject and we hope a similar dis-
in the morning that the garlaed turbance of any school function will
chairs and waste baskets were taken never occur in the future, especially
back into the building and resumed by students. Mr. Holt trusts us to
their places before many students do our duty as our conscience
arrived, so the decorations did not prompts, so it is up to us to requite
make quite the hit which    they his trust in us by doing the straight
should have.   The buiggies and thing and the right thing to the best
wheels retained their places for sev of our ability.

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