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Build Wisconsin

Build Wisconsin [1925, no. 48],   pp. [1]-[6] PDF (1.8 MB)

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B u i I d
W  is co ns in
________S    These Sheets,
       published Weekly in
       the  Interests of the
       Community  News-
       paper, are Issued by
       the  Department   of
       Agricultural Journal.
       ism of the Wisconsin
       College of Agriculture
       in co-operation  with
       the Weekly Press of
Volune 3
December 14, 1925
Number 48
Lancaster, Wisconsin
Dccumbor 3, 1925
Dear Mr. Hopkins:
     The study of English newspaper methods was purely in-
direct, on my trip to the British Isles. But while I made
it a rule not to look at the printed word in any form for
two months I couldn't help glancing, occasionally, at an
English print and drawing a few conclusions.
     Advertisements are set in agate all over the front
page, There are practically no display ads. There is no
verve or imagination. All news stories are handled a-
like regardless of importance.   These papers contain col-
umn after columin of eight point type with few heads larger
than twelve point. No attempt is made to display the news
Readers arc forced to take column after column laboriously
to get what the paper contains.   But this is no burden to
him - he likes it.   Reading a paper in England isn't a
pastime as it is in Amorica - it's a sacred daily rite
     British papers also have points in their favor.
They taboo the sensational, the morbid and the depraved.
British papers strive to be accurate. As a whole, I
think they regard truth in news, and accuracy, higher
than we do. British papers are models of academic style.

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