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Build Wisconsin

Build Wisconsin [1925, no. 40],   pp. [1]-[2] PDF (611.2 KB)

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B u i I d
    These Sheetsy
published Weekly in
the Interests of the
Community  News-
paper, are Issued by
the  Department   of
Agricultural Journal.
ism of the Wisconsin
College of Agriculture
in co-operation with
the Weekly Press of
. Volume 3     October 12, 1925   Niumber 40
                FAR  EDITOR OF VIMKLY
                  REPORTS SUCCESS IN STORK
           HE publisher of the LODI ENTERPRISE
       y// started a farm department to help
       4// /build this community building paper,
41<//      / .  to encourage young farmers, and, in-
           cidentally, to get subscriptions. That
           is what G. 0. Oleson, the farm editor,
           recently told a group of prospective
agricultural journalists at the Wisconsin College
of Agriculture.
     Since the editor, C. L, Coward, employs Oleson to spend all of his time
on the farm department the success of this undertaking may be of interest
editors of other weeklies who have established or are contemplating the es-
tablishment of a farm department with a specially trained farm editor on
                           READERS REPORT MISTAKES
     Oleson, who is a graduate of the Wisconsin College of Agriculture is
tain that THE ENTERPRISE farm page has reader interest for, although his
ers do not claim to read much, they always seem to find mistakes if by chance
any appear, He tries to obtain the stories of young farmers who are making
a success of their farming operation, He obtains the names of the subjects
for his success stories by asking successful farmers who of their neighbors
are doing things in an exceptional way. He gets a good farm page by gather-
ing stories of the average farmer, and especially by writing up the farmer
who has come up from the bottom.
                            FAVORS LOCAL EDITORIALS
     Even the farm page should have its editorial department, according to
Oleson. He runs several editorials each week on subjects related to farm
ditions. He also tries to point out what good farmers of other communities
are doing.
     The circulation of THE ENTERPRISE is 900 and Oleson insists it is 'all
wool and a yard wide'. Only paid in advance subscribers receive the paper.
     Oleson and Editor Coward feel that the work among the farmers is worth
while and they are convinced that the country weekly can render a great measure
of service to the agriculture of the country through its farm department.

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