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Build Wisconsin

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            Build Wisconsin
              This page is in the interests of Ihe community newspaper.
tssued by the Departni nt of * gri uitural Jurr.alism of the Wisconsin College
of Agricultue
               i co-(noperatit)n with the Wixconsin Pros ecs
Volume 3                                            Number 7
                      February 23, 1925
        "Ties Together the Weeklies of Wisconsin"
                GETTING RID OF THE "BOARDER"
II MI ni'-....... . -"      _._ _ _ I __
       I sometimes think that the people of other trades, professions and
mr I a!____en e pr s s arIa tl   o e  n e es e   n  hIxp   n i n  f t e 
a  r
                     -  vRYs puublsher CI a WZLsconsln rural vweekly news-
                  A U-4  paper is interested in the promotion of 7iscon-
                  .     sin's greatest industry, (airy farming.
BY                           Vle arc interested because a good many of
". H. Bridgman,     i   the dollars which th.e rinirv imidistru briuns
the state find their way into the pockets of the
not always *too prosperous country publisher and
printer. In fact, we are interested for the
same reason that people of every other trade
c and profession are interested.
murciod entorprisus are vastly more interostod in the expansion of the dairy
industry than is the farmer.
                          Not All Profit hhkors
    THIS is reasonable and easily explained. The dairy business, the value
of whose product approximates $244,865,200 yearly, creates new business for
many people.   The vast sum of money for which Wisconsin dairy products are
sold percolates through all the channels of trade and some of it finds its
way into the pockets of nearly every broad winner and business rman in the
state. It is nntiirn Ithnf. w -I        II. rn1ha         4--+.-r,. 4 1-
A A A, h.--L4 -. -.oo
     But here and there I find a f .rmer who is not enthusiastic about increas-
ing the volume of '.isconsin dairy products, in fact I find mrany who are
They are mostly men with finely equipped dairy plants, including excellent
herds. For, they tell me, while they are contributing to the prosperity of
a great stato, they are themselves not earning fair vwages, to say nothing
a legitimate profit on their investment.
                         'leeklies Aid Dairymen
    , 1-HERE is a limit to what we may expect of this sort of unselfish ser-
vice. The situation has gained the attention of the economists, the scion-
tific agriculturists and of course, the politicians. As newspaper publishers,
interested in the prosperity of the farmer, vie have been lending our thought
to the solution of the farmor's problem, for he has a problem.
                 - zz>_.*hX~~~o   rang   err  .. s. .r   _w__|SX&.|FiS_]Xg
_.=  Ad   -A 3te't~~~~~~~~x~trt in i. W w x _.o1~~

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