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Build Wisconsin

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Build B u i  W  c n
-Pmer uj-Id  wvisconsin
VoVlume 3                                             Number 5
                      January 30, 1925
      "Ties Together the Weeklies of Wisconsin".
                      B. W. BROADCASTS
                         LAST MINUTE NOTICE
N ACCORDANCE with oarlior announcements weekly newspapors can
be ontered in tho Bettor Nowspapor Contost up to and including
the first of February. Hoviovcr, tho committee in chalrgo has
plannod to enter any paper that is postrarked from tho editor's
town on or before this closing date.
     During the past woek a largo number of wocklios was entorod, swolling
the entry list to 100 papers. We have not boon able to acknowledgo tho ro-
ceipt of all the papers and to clarify any doubt that we had concerning the
class in which the editor desirod to enter. We are publishing below all
of this information.
     If you have entered the contest but have not sent in your paper, by
all means, got it off before the closing date.   If you have not entered
the contest officially, and you want to enter ono of the three classes,
send to BUILD WISCONSIN, Agricultural Hall, Madison, any number of your
paper issued since February 5, 1924. In both cases state clearly the
classes in which you want to enter.
     In the table given here the classes are designated as follows:
                         1 Front Pago Make-Up
                         2 Community Editorials
                         3 Farm News Service
          PAPER                           EDITOR                CLASS
 ,1 Abbotsford Tribune               E. C. Clark                1
 2 Algoma Record-Horald             H. H. Hoidmann             1, 2, 3.
 3 Argyle Atlas                     Geo. G. Gaskill            1, 2
 4 Badger State Banner              J. H. Ylidnan              1
 5 Bangor Independent               Frank B. Gossler           1,    3.
 6 Baraboo Weekly News              Cole & Page                1
 7 Barron County News-Shield        Dr.F. Curtiss-VEodgo       1, 2, 3.
 8 Belmont Success                  Thos.C.Snydor              1
 9 Blair Press                      H.C. Kirkpatrick           1, 2, 3.
               This sheet is in the interests of the community newspaper.
Issued by the Department of Agricultural Journalism of the Wisconsin College
of Agriculture
                in co-operation with the Wisconsin Press Association.

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