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Build Wisconsin

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Volume 3                                            Number 3
                     January 19, 1925
        "Covers Wisconsin Like the Sunshine"
ITTIE New Jersey, too, has a knack of doing
things. Her newspaper men are especially
keen to make the most of their opportunities.
What her state Press Association did at their
annual meeting is worthy of mention to Badger
     First of all, remember that the Garden
state is about cne-seventh the size of Wis-
     Yet in her annual newspaper contest no
less than 200 papers were entered andnearly
100 representatives of the "big mosquito
state" papers were present for the judging
and conference put on at the same time.
     The contest was very successful. The committee even collected a #5
registration fee to help in meeting expenses. Withal the New Jersey folks
stages a wonderful contest, and had a great representation of editors at
the press meeting.
     Badger editors should get a lot of inspiration from the way New Jer-
sey did things. Only in a few ways does the contest in Wisconsin differ
from that of the sea board state.  No entry fee is charged for the Wiscon-
sin contest. There are only a few rules of importance--to be entitled to
enter,a paper must be a weekly and it must be published in the confines
of Badgerdom.
     Liberal cash awards characterize the Wisconsin Newspaper Contest.
Over 6250.00 in prizes will be distributed and 18 distinct awards will be
     Comne on, Wisconsin. Let's go!
                          BIG BANQUET PLANNED
*                            FOR COUNTRY EDITORS
     Seven Madison organizations will play hosts to the Badger editor when
he meets in the capital city, Friday night, February 6.
               This sheet is in the interests of the community newspaper.
lisued by the Dpartment bf Agricultural Jburnalism of the Wisconsin College
of Agriculture
                in co-operation with the Wisconsin Presu Asnociation.
"Good Work"        X
Says Wisconsin
  To New Jersey
No Entry Fee
in Badger Contost

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