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Assessment roll for the Village of Barneveld for the year 1906

[Affidavit on validity of document]

(Form for attdatoit of assessor or assessors, to 1,0 ansCxtlt to assessm,ovot
roll. See. 1110. star. 1555 
                                             assessor ~for the 
          " ~  l        o          ,            _-                 
            .in said county, do solemnly swear that the annexed 
      ases n rolcntis as'        ~Iverily believe, a comnplete and perfect
entry atnd list of all real property liable to ossessmnent for 
the present year in said                        ; _  the name of each person
therein owning or having in charge personal proporty liable 
to taxaloin; the name of each stockholder and the amount of his stock in
each incorporated bank in said town or word; a correct 
description of the separate parcels of real proporty assessed; that'   have.
as far as practicable, valued each parcel of real estate 
from an actual view of such parcel; (or) that '_-   hare vabled each parcel
of real estate from actubal view, or from the best info',- 
satioss thaa '  S_._ -conld practicably obtain and all inproved lands frtnn
actu~al view;0 that'   It_ave, as far as pra'cticable 
peronally viswed and inspected each article of personal property assessed
by ' that the valuation of real property as set 
down in said roll is as determined by % ,:_ or as correcoted by tho booard
of review; that the valuation of personal property and 
bank stock in said roll is as fixed by      -or as finally fixed by the boardt
of review; that each and every valuation of the property 
made by u-.       , is the just and equitable value thereof, as ' Q~verily
Read to the affiant and subscribed and sworn to before me this- Sh y of 
to tat osol to (0005 oxeee'ttOtt lOt o'luast ottes, so 110 so 11 

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