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Wisconsin Agricultural Experimental Association / Twentieth annual report of the Wisconsin Agricultural Experiment Association with Tenth annual report of Alfalfa Order. Address of president, secretary's report, and account of the association's activities in promoting progressive agriculture

Third annual meeting of the International Crop Improvement Association,   pp. 39-41 PDF (608.6 KB)

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are troubling you, this information will be sent free on request. These
services are yours for the asking.
If you are a seller of seeds, the law requires that you attach to each
package a label giving information as follows:
KIND OF SEED                NAME
1. Name and number of noxious weed seeds
2- Name and per cent of foreign seeds
3. Per cent inert matter
Label Required for All Packages of Seed Exceeding One Pound in Weight
The germination, purity and kinds and amounts of impurities are
frequently quite difficult to determine on the farm, without the proper
apparatus for weighing and counting small samples of seeds, and the
knowledge necessary to identify the weed seeds and impurities. In this
matter, also, the Seed Inspection Division Is at your service. All the
information which is required by law to be on the label can be obtained
by sending a sample of the seed to the laboratory for inspection. In
this case, where the seed is to be sold, the laboratory charges 25 cents
for each sample inspected. You can feel perfectly safe in selling seeds
under a label filled out according to this test, for the State Seed In-
pection Division Is the final authority in the state on questions of
purity and quality of seeds.
With thif service at his command it is now possible for every farmer
to assure himself of the character of the seed he plants, whether pur-
chased or grown by himself, and he can assure himself and his cus-
tomers that seed he sells is shown by official test to be just as he rep-
resents it to be. Let us not neglect to let the State Seed Inspection
Division serve us whenever we need Its help.
Chicago, M11., November 29, 1921
The third meeting of the International Crop Improvement Associa-
tion, after an inspiring address delivered by President H. G. Cutler,
was devoted mainly to reports of committees on standardization of defi-
nitions and requirements for different classes and grades of seed
grains. With the large number of crop Improvement associations
which have come into existence and which are doing similar work in
the various states, has come the necessity of correlating their purposes
and activities and unifying their methods so that they can work to-

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