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Wisconsin Agricultural Experimental Association / Twentieth annual report of the Wisconsin Agricultural Experiment Association with Tenth annual report of Alfalfa Order. Address of president, secretary's report, and account of the association's activities in promoting progressive agriculture

Junior department of the grain show,   pp. 27-28 PDF (420.6 KB)

Page 27

housed the show nicely, and was artistically decorated with flags and
bunting so that it presented a very attractive appearance. School day
was the feature of the show. The country schools adjourned and
teachers and pupils came in such numbers that seldom has our space
been so taxed to accommodate the spectators. The young folks made
good use of their notebooks and pencils, and It is doubtful if a single
grown-up saw and learned as much as did the average country school
visitor. It was a great event for the school children.
That the young folks are becoming a stronger factor and are receiv-
ing increasing recognition in the show game is evidenced by the fact
that a Junior Corn Contest was last year established as a part of the
International Hay and Grain Show. Two of Wisconsin's young ex-
hibitors took fourth and fifth places in Region 2.
Our competitive shows, from the local fairs to the state show, have
each become the stepping stone to larger opportunities and higher
honors, until even our largest international grain show is open to them
for conquest.
The junior exhibits at Green Bay were up to highest standard and
made an attractive feature of the show. The winnings are as follows:
Ten Ears Silver King (Wis. No. 7)
Reuben Hellar, La Crosse
John Hoifma, Jr., Midway
Edna Helgesen, Milton Junction
Horace Fowler, Bristol
J. G. Demhardt, Oshkosh
Ten Ears Golden Glow (Wis. No. 12)
Gordon Kivliln Oregon
Raymond Hull, Tigerton
Bryton Hogan, Clinton
F. F. Moore, Green Bay
Harold Bauer, Milton Junction
Ten Ears Wisconsin No. 8 Corn
Edwin Moore, Green Bay
F. F. Moore, Green Bay
Ten Ears Wisconsin No. 25 Corn
Francis Delwiche, Green Bay
Single Ear
Edwin Moore, Green Bay
F. F. Moore, Green Bay
Mildred Weter, Zenda
Late Potatoes
T.- SbCMseVster, Gree Csay
Joseph Menne, New Franken
August Bruemmer, La Crosse
Peter Van Den Heuvel, West DePere
Edward Noyen, New Franken
Walter Noyen, New Franken
Margaret Kabers, Green Bay

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