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Wisconsin Agricultural Experimental Association / Twentieth annual report of the Wisconsin Agricultural Experiment Association with Tenth annual report of Alfalfa Order. Address of president, secretary's report, and account of the association's activities in promoting progressive agriculture

Donald, J. S.
Farm accounts for business farmers,   pp. 22-23 PDF (497.9 KB)

Page 22

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A. C. MuRPHY, Shawano
The success of the Perfect Seed Circle, Shawano county's seed grow-
ers' association, is due primarily to the fact that the organization
selects its members. In that way only men who are interested can join
the organization. Thus the members are composed of men who are
willing to go out of their way to do things for the organization, are
ready to boost for better seeds and everything that will make Shawano
county a better county agriculturally.
Honesty in dealings with fellow members and fellow farmers is the
watchword of the seed circle. We have a committee whose duty it is
to inspect the grains that are offered for seed and to give to the farm-
ers of Shawano county and the surrounding counties the best seed it is
possible to produce. The constitution of the seed circle provides that
any offender can be barred from the organization after given due trial
and found guilty.
Amusement is not forgotten. We believe that a little pleasure with
our work makes our work easier and more efficient. It has especially
proven so in Shawano county, for our farmers come in as far as thirty-
five miles to attend our meetings.
* The purpose of the organization is primarily to better Shawano
eounty's agriculture. Our members are now working to develop com-
munity shows to take the gospel of good seeds right out to the farmers
of each community. We are trying to develop ideals of good seeds in
the minds of the farmer and thereby create an Interest in better seeds,
which we believe is the greatest accomplishment of any county order.
J. S. DoNwm, Madison
May I direct your minds for a few minutes from the problems of agri-
cultural production to a phase of agricultural economics? Wisconsin
has made wonderful progress in quantity and quality of production of
live stock, dairy products and grains. To this splendid organization,
the Wisconsin Experiment Association, is due great credit for our ad-
vance in grain growing and the achievements In pure-bred seed grains.
Most of you men have been fortunate in having had the advantages
of training in the short course in agriculture. It has made leaders of
you. I want to make a plea this afternoon that you will endeavor to
do for the economic side of agriculture what you have done for produc-
tion. Production is only part of the job.
There is much complaint at this time about general agricultural con-
ditions. Prices for nearly everything the farmer has to sell have fallen.
There are many agencies endeavoring to search out the trouble, and

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